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Playful Proportions: How to Find the Perfect Balance in Trends

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

Fashion trends change in more than one way with each new season. Not only do we see changes in color and styles, but change also comes in silhouettes, textures, prints and fabrics. I find proportions to be the biggest, most crucial part of fashion. If you can find the right proportions to compliment your body type and personal style, you will always look stylish, no matter what is currently on trend.

It was not too long ago that boho-chic ruled supreme. Piled on bangle bracelets, large layered statement necklaces, and loose fitting maxi dresses and butterfly tops were all the rage. While some still pull that off because it works best for them, as far as trends go, that look is very seasonal. Minimalism had its glory days just last spring. Tailored clothing with menswear inspired lines took on neutral colors that you could mix and match in dozens of different combinations. But those looks were classic and nothing too new or exciting and will still be around for years to come.

I find that this spring we are in a great place as far as trends go. Sitting somewhere in between minimal and pushing the envelope, silhouettes are slimmed down yet colors are bright; accessories are delicate while the cut of skirts, tops and pants are demanding of attention. Once again proving my point that fashion is truly a game of proportions! Finding something delicate with such a vibrant hue makes it just as much of a statement piece as a big, bold, chunky item.

So here are my accessory must-have’s of the season that strike that perfect balance of delicate and daring.

Delicate Dots

JEWELSPlayful Proportions: How to Find the Perfect Balance in Trends
1928′s new multicolored crystal pieces are not only cute but will match with so much! All of those vibrant hues in cute sparkling dots are a sure way to amp up the color in your outfit, even though they are such delicate pieces.

Spectacle Sunnies

SUNNIESPlayful Proportions: How to Find the Perfect Balance in Trends
Classic wayfarer shades have always been a great look for most face shapes, but have normally been designed in black or tortoise shell. This summer, bring the attention to your face in some neon hued sunnies that are as bright as the sun they are blocking! Classic with a twist!

Pumped Up Kicks

KICKSPlayful Proportions: How to Find the Perfect Balance in Trends
We all grew up wearing sneakers as kids, but why can’t we as adults? Instead of your typical tennis shoe, check out some of this season’s hottest accessories- flatform sneakers! Its a modern day lift (literally) to the comfortable and casual shoe you’ve always loved.

Playful Purses

PURSESPlayful Proportions: How to Find the Perfect Balance in Trends
This adorable little satchel is #1 on my wishlist for the summer! By Dooney & Bourke, this design is named “The Happy Bag” and one can see why! Coming in every shade imaginable across the rainbow, colors have never looked better. Small and simple, classic and chic, this bag has struck that perfect balance!

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