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Plagiarizing Another Man's Plagiarism. The Cruz & Trump Show

Posted on the 28 March 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"The Donald" is claiming "plagiarism" on Ted Cruz for plagiarizing 'his' term; "'Make America Great Again"...which he plagiarized from the 1980 Reagan-Bush Campaign Slogan!!
First, Ted Cruz tells the world that God doesn't want anyone to have Healthcare Insurance, and the following day...surprise! surprise! surprise! Now, the Trumpster has the two-faced gall to attack Ted Cruz for using an old GOP slogan in a metaphor and blaming Cruz for stealing it? while publicly lying with his other face...saying he created it!
For a man as intelligent and business savvy as Donald Trump, to get caught with his hands inside the bullshit jar...without the understanding of the reality of today's whole new world! Surf the Net for the truth...or just Google it!
What this shows is the incompetence of a man who wants to be President of the United States. Not because he's not a smart man, he is! A good business man who wants to be a major player in the GOP, a wannabee Politico, with an ego and a love for the spotlight. 'That' makes him his own worsts enemy...his true inner character as a man shines right through, even more than his Le Grande Orange do.
His marriages, his affairs, his personal life are not important, he can be a great father and a lousy husband! It has nothing to do with personal family's all about a man with an oversized ego and ambition, who's an expert in the line of the business bullshit, but who just can't carry it over as a Politician!!
The makeup of the GOP's cast of characters for the 2016 Clown Primaries never changes; someone is in, someone is out, some haven't decided...but they all have one common trait...Batshit Disease!
You have Jeb Bush, who keeps insisting that he's not a Bush...and never even heard of Dubya! Ridiculously, distancing himself politically from his own family!...or, aren't people going to Google him, too? You have Ted Cruz, who's now the official spokesman for and intimate consultant with "God". Then you have Ben Carson who made a living and became who he is today, because of Medical Science...and now denies science! Mike Huckabee said recently he's jumping into the Clown Car...this religious man prefers people to stop using profanity!...while jamming Cat Scratch Fever with his buddy, The Whackmaster! And let's not forget Marco Rubio...if he doesn't run out of Aquafina, first!
More candidates will come, and some will go before the Cast is set for 2016. How many of them truly have what it takes to administrate an entire Nation? At least one has failed his audition...Donald Trump, You're Fired!!
Donald Trump Claims Authorship of Legendary Reagan Slogan | Rolling Stone

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