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Pizza Man Takes Gun Away from Armed Robber and Shoots Him With It Twice

Posted on the 30 November 2011 by Mikeb302000 reports
During the struggle, the delivery driver was able to wrestle the gun out of the suspect’s grasp. The driver shot the man once in his neck and once in his buttocks.
You see, when you fight with someone and take their gun away, there's no need to shoot them. When you do shoot them anyway in the neck and they start desperately trying to get away, there's no need to shoot them in the ass. That is, unless you're so outraged at their audacity and so righteously furious at them for having attempted to rob you that in those moments you feel they deserve death.
This is what often happens when law-abiding people with guns, regardless of how they get them, encounter criminals who try to do them harm.
What's your opinion? Does the fact that the gun started out in the possession of the robber and was taken away by the "victim" tend to make this a legitimate shooting?
Waht do you think? Please leave a comment.

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By William D Tipton
posted on 13 October at 21:58

I think that if we applied the same reasoning to COPs that a LOT of LEO's would be in prison now seeing that they shoot a LOT of fleeing and unarmed people.