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Pippa Middleton ‘gun’ Photograph Causes Tabloid Frenzy but Will Her Royal Hotness Really Face Criminal Charges?

Posted on the 17 April 2012 by Periscope @periscopepost
Pippa Middleton ‘gun’ photograph causes tabloid frenzy but will Her Royal Hotness really face criminal charges?

Pippa Middleton. Photo credit: chicagofabulousblog,

It’s a tabloid editor’s dream: Pippa Middleton, AKA Her Royal Hotness, has been snapped in an Audi convertible with a man apparently wielding a gun, the day after she attended a “wild” Paris party. The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, who shot to prominence thanks to her figure-hugging bridesmaid dress at the Royal Wedding, became mired in “Gungate” after The Sun published the photographs: “She was pictured riding as a passenger in a convertible Audi and laughing while the driver clearly aimed what looked like a semi-automatic pistol at a photographer behind the vehicle,” said the paper.

According to several media reports, Middleton could face charges, or at least police questioning, over the incident. But ABC News reported that the gun was a fake, the photographer was in on the joke and police have not launched an investigation.

On the plus side, at least this means Middleton is now famous for something other than her famous sister and shapely derriere. On the downside, being caught up in a “gun scandal” in Paris soon after the shootings that rocked France probably wasn’t the ideal way to go about it. Whatever will Kate say?

Oh, Pippa. “Ah, so this is where Pippa Middleton has been hiding — in Paris with a gaggle of gun-brandishing pals,” sighed Nicole Fabian-Weber on The Stir blog. “No one knows yet whether the gun was real or not (sure looks it), but either way, not a very funny joke.” Fabian-Weber was surprised that Prince William’s sister-in-law didn’t simply ignore the commotion – by turning round and grinning, she made matters so much worse.

The Daily Mail had details of the Paris party attended by Pippa Middleton the evening before the “gun” scandal: “The licentious bash at one of Paris’s hottest nightspots saw costume-clad socialites greeted by three dwarves lounging on a sofa for their ‘entertainment’. It concluded with a stripper bursting out of a giant birthday cake before disrobing to a remix of God Save The Queen.”

Pippa should apologize. “Ever since she became the world’s most famous bridesmaid, Pippa Middleton has been riding the crest of a wave of popularity. Some think she has also been riding for a fall,” sniffed Richard Palmer in The Daily Express, pointing to the “lavish hospitality” apparently enjoyed by Middleton thanks to her Royal connections. Palmer argued that Middleton must apologize and explain her actions, as well as learning how to behave in public.

Royal family must intervene. Royal press officers are refusing to comment because Pippa Middleton is a “private individual” and therefore not part of their responsibility, said The Daily Beast. But this is a short-sighted view, as Middleton’s actions threaten to overshadow the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. “The Royal Family are (albeit indirectly) responsible for the fact that she is famous, and she should be given the same protection and advice that other Senior Royals are being given,” insisted The Daily Beast.

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