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Pin for the Win | How to Get the Results You Want from Your Wedding Professionals!

By Claire

Pin for the Win | How to get the results you want from your wedding professionals!

As a wedding photographer, I work and think in visuals. Two-dimensional, three-dimensional – doesn’t matter, I can even conceptualise in the 6th dimension.

But what happens when I try to explain my amazingly fantabulous ideas to others around me?

A cacophony of sputtering followed by that noise that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes.

Keep Calm and Pin

Explaining to others how we see images can be downright impossible. I mean, even if you find the words, how will you know they have been properly received? When I say ‘Harley-Davidson-esque’- are we both getting the same ideas popping into our head? Recently, a bride (you know who you are!) struggled to describe the colour of her bride’s maids dresses and settled for ‘the colour of a bruise’.  Although I appreciate her panache, I know that all she really wanted to do was just communicate to me a simple colour.

Arrrgh! Why oh why must our brains be compartmentalised?!?


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