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‘Pigsty’- Two Thirds Say Their Home Isn’t as Clean as They’d Like

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by 72point @72hub

Millions of Brits reckon their home is a ‘pigsty’, solely because they are just too busy to clean, a study has revealed. Researchers have found that seven in ten Brits are unable to find the time to take care of everyday chores such as vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom.

A massive 57% admitted they have times when their home is a ‘pigsty’, while more than one in five have even refused to let people into their home because it was in such a mess.

The study of 2,000 people found that 63% don’t think their home is as clean as they would like it to be, with half of those blaming this on their busy schedule.

A spokesperson for cleaning product firm Spontex, who commissioned the research, said:

”We are leading busier lives than ever and when you are juggling so much, it’s inevitable that something has to give.

”And it seems that for many, staying on top of their household chores and keeping their home spotless is what they are letting fall by the wayside.

”But this means that many Brits aren’t happy with the state of the home, and it’s alarming to see that so many even have times when they would describe their home as being like a pigsty.

”Cleaning can be done in small chunks which makes it much more manageable to fit everything in and around your everyday life.

”If you are struggling to fit the chores in, rather than doing a big clean once in a while, running the vacuum round one day and then cleaning the bathrooms the next can make life a lot easier.”

Researchers also revealed that a third of people’s homes are such a mess that visitors or friends have commented on the state of it, while more than half have rowed with their other half about the mess.

It also emerged that 73% of people regularly shove things under cushions or behind sofas so any clutter is out of sight when someone pops in.

A surprising 60% have even shut doors to certain rooms so guests can’t see the mess.

Despite this, 90% claim they consider themselves to be a tidy person.

39% admit their house isn’t that clean because they simply don’t like cleaning , while a more self-conscious 21% don’t think they are very good at it.

Just under a quarter say they’ve got better things to do than worry about the state of their house.

A massive 42% have never cleaned their home from top to bottom, and even those who have admit it’s an average of almost five months since they gave it a go.

More than one in ten owned up to not cleaning their bathroom for at least a month, while another one in ten even admitted it’s been a year or more since they did some ironing.

One in twenty haven’t washed clothes and one in ten haven’t got the vacuum out for a month or more.

Almost one in ten also said they haven’t used a duster in their home for at least six months, while one in twenty admitted it’s been at least a year since they mopped their floors.

More than one in twenty owned up to never cleaning their windows.

However,  60% admit that they don’t think they will ever have a spotless home.

A spokesperson for Spontex added:

”Our advice is to do a  few, small tasks daily or several times a week rather than try and spend a whole day just cleaning.

”This will keep your home in top condition with minimal effort and give you the satisfaction of completing your chores.

“Many people feel a real sense of fulfilment and more in control of their lives when they are on top of jobs round the house; try not to see cleaning as a chore, why not pop on your favorite music and enjoy a bit of time away from work and other distractions and have some ‘good clean fun’ around the house.

”Many of the Spontex range of products are designed specifically to make lighter work of cleaning so that you have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy doing.”

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