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Pieday Friday – Slow-cooked Beefy Pie for USA’s National Pie Day

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

It was National Pie Day on Wednesday this week! Unfortunately, it was the American National Pie Day, but I didn’t let that stop me making this yummy meaty pie for our dinner to celebrate (do I ever really need an excuse to bake a pie?!)

pieday friday beef stewy beefy meat pot pie recipe cooking

The meat in this pie is super-tender and flakes apart on your fork, and this is due to the slow-cooking process of the filling. You can’t usually get such a well-cooked meat in a normal pie, because the pastry crust usually cooks in half an hour and the filling needs a lot longer, so I start this one off on the hob then transfer to the oven like a stew, or you could put it in a slow-cooker in the morning and it’ll be perfect to add to  a pie-case when you want your dinner. Or maybe make double-portions of a beef stew the day before, saving half for a pie on the second day. Either way, it’ll ensure the flavours are beautifully combined and the beef is lovely and tender. I used beef fillet, but because you are slow-cooking the filling, you can use any stewing  cuts of beef you like.

pieday friday beef stew pie for usa national pie day

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