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Photos Du Weekend: Views of the Var Sky, Nice from Place Massena

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland

Sky le lav 2014

It was to be a windy night. The Mistral was blowing even as we watched the latest DVD release of Mad Men, an acquired but now must-have taste, and that gripping French murder reconstruction series, Faites entrer l’accusé.

And it blew on all the more heartily in the early hours, or seemed to once the television had been turned off.

That happens often enough but is a small price to pay for being the Var, even for only part of the year. This morning, as is generally the case after a blustery night, everything was intact.

The photograph was taken an hour or two before the Mistral made itself felt. It looks a little more impressive if you click on the image to magnify. But it is just part of the nightly parade of striking skyscapes nature offers as we look out across Varois hills.

And to justify the use of plural in my headline, here is one of my favorite views to be found in Nice, taken from the Place Massena on Friday afternoon.


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