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Phones Abroad, Featuring Knomo’s Leather Multifunctional iPhone Cases

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture When I’m traveling, I always carry my iPhone on me, no matter what sort of trip, no matter what country, and it doesn’t matter whether I have service or not. Because the iPhone is my personal device where I work, I write (sometimes) and I take photos (when my full camera system isn’t necessary). It not only holds a great deal of information and media, but it also provides the savvy modern traveler with all the tools he needs to work on the fly, anywhere in the world. When I backpack Europe, I no longer take my camera to every location, often leaving it in my rucksack. Space and weight are big concerns for the backpacker lifestyle, but the burden improves with such a dynamic multifunctional device.
Picture Since I often lean toward the more rugged side of travel, it makes the protection of my mobile device that much more important. Sure, there are those huge box-like cases out there that are supposed to save your phone from the elements, as well as shock and drops, but I like something less bulky, and more stylish. One exception being that if I’m camping in the wilderness, I’ll opt for the waterproof beast of a case; which if I’m out in the wilds, I will typically only check the time as peace in nature is by far the finest travel experience one can have.
For the more stylish approach to phone cases, I like what Knomo’s done with their Premium Leather Folios, because they’re sleek, adding a double layer of protection, while also providing me with multiple options and features. Knomo’s latest edition is made of full ‘crazy-horse’ leather and the phone itself sits in a shock-resistant polycarbonate plastic casing, giving the phone an additional layer of support, especially where it counts: on the corners and sides of the device. There is a microfiber lining inside where two pockets give the user the ability to store credit cards, cash and receipts. These pockets aren’t large enough to replace a man’s wallet, but they sure come in handy on the fly.
Picture The folio opens to provide the ability of a horizontal viewing stand, while the overall build feels good, looks sleek and fashionable. The leather is thin but feels nice, and smells lovely, and overall, I found the build to be high quality, the leather the same, and the overall ergonomics of the case to be very satisfactory. If you would like to learn more about Knomo, click here.

Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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