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Pete Sixsmith’s Alternative “Who’s Who”

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland
Pete Sixsmith. Delivers more than just the papers

Pete Sixsmith. Delivers more than just the papers

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And while we’re on the subject of bearing we need to move beyond  the Lyndon and Graham Gooch situation. Luckily, we have Pete Sixsmith to help us. Pete doesn’t just appear on TV (who else saw him on MOTD?) He doesn’t just deliver erudite summaries to the papers (and nor does he just deliver the papers). He’s also a bit of a historian, as he demonstrates in this wander through the genealogical archives of the Northeast:

Now that we have sorted the Lyndon /Graham Gooch situation out, presumably to the satisfaction of Lyndon’s dad and Graham’s wife, it is surely time to dispel a few more myths about players families;

1. Jordan Pickford’s great grandmother was NOT Mary Pickford, the actress who was dubbed “America’s Sweetheart.” She married Douglas Fairbanks and, along with him, Charlie Chaplin and the director D.W. Griffiths, founded the studio known as United Artists. Whether she visited Roker Park in order to watch Dave Halliday bang in the goals in the Roaring 20’s is a matter of some conjecture.

2. Donald Love is not the love child of American chanteuse Courtney Love and the former Yorkshire and England batsman Jim Love. Courtney spent most of her life in and around Seattle and who, despite what it says in Wikipedia was not “a massive Lads fan.” Jim, who was born in Headingley, preferred the oval ball to the round one. However, he was the coach of the Scotland cricket team so who knows………

3. Billy Jones is not the son of David Bowie, real name David Jones, the celebrated singer, actor and professional chameleon, who sadly left us in January. Had he been Bowie’s son, he would have been blessed with a name like Howie or Yowie and not a straightforward Billy.

4. Rees Greenwood is not at all related to the former West Ham United and England manager, Ron. The fact that Rees has curly hair while Ron’s hairline was receding is clear proof of this.



5. Lamine Kone is not the twin brother of Arouna Kone, the Everton and former Wigan Athletic center forward. Lamine is a cultured, goal scoring central defender who wins headers and tackles with ease. Arouna is none of these.

Pete Sixsmith and memories of a cup run, as opposed to el Alamein

Pete Sixsmith and memories of a cup run, as opposed to a different famous victory

Readers may be able to help me with some others. Was Jimmy Montgomery in any way related to Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery of El Alamein, the man who once said of homosexuality that

“that kind of thing may be tolerated by the French, but we’re British, thank God.”?

Could they help me clarify if former full back Ron Guthrie was in any way related to the celebrated actor manager, Tyrone Guthrie ? What about any link between Gary Bennett and Mr Bennet, the patriarch in Jane Austen’s biography of Nigel Farage, Pride and Prejudice?

If anyone can come up with any others, I would be happy to help sort them out.

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