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Pest Prevention: a Few Thoughts on Keeping the Outside out

By Epic Home Ideas @epichomeideas

Epic Home Ideas

Pests are a common problem for homeowners from California to Maine, and thanks to falling temperatures, more and more will try to find shelter in your home in the next few months. In fact, according to PestWorld.org, homeowners across the U.S. can expect to find heavy pest activity this fall and winter.

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While it’s nearly impossible to keep every ant or spider out of your home, there are several practical and simple steps you can take to keep bugs at bay. Follow these tips to safeguard your home from pests and eliminate any unwanted guests.

Keep Nature a Safe Distance Away

Bugs can live in the trees, shrubs, grass, and soil around your home, so keep them away from your home at a slight distance. Along the same lines, avoid leaving mulch, firewood, and piles of leaves near your house. Also, regularly trim and maintain your grass, trees, and shrubs to keep your yard well-maintained and the pests from coming inside.

Regularly Inspect Your Home

Ants, spiders, and other common pests often sneak inside of homes through tiny cracks and holes, so take a look around your home and keep an eye out for these and any other potential entry points. Some of the most common entry points are the areas around wires and pipes running into your home. Check these areas regularly to make sure they are well-sealed.

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

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Easy access to boxed goods, grains, and sugar, especially near the ground, is a surefire way to attract pests. Fortunately, eliminating these common pest hotspots is as simple as tidying up your kitchen and pantry. Keeping containers well-sealed and up off the floor can have a significant effect in preventing pest infestation. On the same note, don’t leave half-filled glasses of water out and about. Like us and everything else, bugs, mice, and other pests need water to survive and thrive, so getting rid of any unnecessary water sources will help keep pests away.

Clean up Clutter

Boxes, magazines, knick knacks, and other items scattered about on the floor make an attractive shelter for insects, mice, and other pests. However, if you keep things up off of the floor and clean up the clutter, not only will they have less places to hide and live, but pests are far less likely to go unnoticed.

Check for Leaks

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Air and water leaks are a welcome signs for bugs and other pests. If you have air leaks under the doors or in the walls of your home, rodents and insects are certain to find them and make their way indoors. Similarly, leaking pipes often result in water accumulation beneath and near the walls of a home. These areas are popular hiding spots for pests. To avoid this, fix any leaks and wrap your home’s pipes. By doing so, you’ll dry out the area and keep your home from becoming their feeding ground.

Work with a Professional

You can follow the tips above to help keep your home pest-free, but the best way to get pest control in Placentia ca is to call a professional pest control company. Pest control companies specialize in pest prevention and eradication. Not only do they know all about various types of pests and where they like to hide, but they also have access to pesticides that are far more effective than over-the-counter store bought varieties.

Bottom Line

From mice to cockroaches, ants, termites, and dozens of other common pest varieties, there are thousands of critters and creepy crawlers biting at the bit to call your home their own. However, by following these helpful tips and working with a pest prevention professional, you’ll be able to keep the outside out this winter and all year long!

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