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Perform Action Quickly with Google .new Shortcuts

Posted on the 08 July 2020 by Viney Dhiman @vineydhiman

Google’s .new extension is helping users to find almost every feature within a limited range. If a user has a new thought of action which leads to the creation can easily reach users with a memorable .new domain representation.

google new shortcut feature to perform task quickly

Currently, top world-class service providers like Medium, Spotify, Canva, eBay, Bitly, Stripe, OVO Sound, Coda, and GitHub have enrolled in this service. Soon more will definitely take advantage of this feature. Apart from this popular online office suite from Microsoft and Google also part of this new evolution.

The purpose of releasing the ‘.new’ the feature is to make it easier for users to perform new actions quickly and save lots of time. As of writing this post, these are the service enrolled under .new feature:

Microsoft Office



  • Create a new playlist – 
  • Create a new podcast – 


The list not ends here, there are lots of explore more at

Setting up Google’s .new

Simply put up your creation online with few clicks. Remember, it should be reliable for the user’s benefits. Basically, ‘.new’ extension is a way to redirect towards your main application online.

You have to maintain the registration policy in order to maintain your product online with ‘.new’. 

The feature was first introduced back in Oct, 2019 and according to the information on the site, the feature will be generally available July 21, 2020 onwards.

What are your thoughts about Google .new shortcut feature? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Thanks Chrisoncode for the tip!

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