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"People Demand Freedom of Speech as a Compensation for the Freedom of Thought Which They Seldom Use" Soren Kierkegaard

Posted on the 01 December 2011 by Humanwriter @roseforman
Ahh Jeremy Clarkson, a visionary some would say, an idiot others would retort. To me though, I believe he 's an idiot who makes some very relevant points. Their public sector pensions are a blessing and other people do have to work hard to get anywhere near their benefits. Clarkson was merely expressing his point of view, as controversial as that may be, he didn't actually go out and shoot any strikers (as far as we know) and the BBC as an impartial, publicly owned corporation should respect his right to say what he likes. He wasn't exactly inciting violence, but, as is always the case with Clarkson, he could've chosen his words a bit better. We are lucky enough to have freedom of speech and press in our country and a forced apology would only negate that.
The final point is, in my opinion, that strikes don't do anything except disrupt peoples lives for a day. Even news of the strikes was overshadowed by Clarkson's loud-mouthed comments. And what did David Cameron say? That the strikes were pointless and "futile". 'David Cameron told ITV1's This Morning: "Striking isn't going to achieve anything, particularly while there are negotiations ongoing."' Well done all who took part, hope you enjoyed your day off.

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