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Penn State : Reinstating Paterno's Wins Is As Much About Acknowledging The Work OF The Players & Students

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
The decision today to reinstate Joe Paterno's 409 wins has been met with a storm on social media. Fans outside of the Happy Valley Blue and White are up in arms, pointing the finger at Joe Paterno. There's rehashing of the acts by Jerry Sanudsky and the cover ups.
Even as a Penn State fan, I came to expect this. Afterall the phrasing is that the NCAA was giving back Joe Paterno's wins.
Something that shouldn't have been taken away in the first place, since it was a lame knee jerk reaction to a deeper issue by the NCAA.
Recognizing Joe Paterno's 409 wins isn't just about Joe Paterno. This isn't about whether Paterno was part of the cover-up or not. This is about recognizing the years, the decades worth of hard work and dedication that was put in by the Players, the Cheeerleaders, the Band, the Alumni, the Fans, the Faculty..
This is about giving back something that belong to more than just Joe Paterno. This is about everyone else. This is about everyone else that was ignored during this entire process by the NCAA.
I saw a former football player on Twitter today tweet and say that it was nice to finally have the NCAA recognize the games he was part of and that is why this was a great decision and great move by the NCAA. Those former players had their work and dedication stripped from them.
If one wants to mention how this decision wasn't about recognizing the students and players that were abused by Jerry Sandusky over "Wins", then those same people need to recognize that they by not supporting this decision, they aren't recognizing the efforts and time put in by those same students.
This doesn't take away or give back anything that had to do with the horrific acts that Jerry Sandusky performed and those that took part to cover it up. This is about correcting something that shouldn't have happened in the first place - striping the achievements of the great body of players, students and fans.
Today, all of those can proudly say "We Are", because all of Penn State got the most important win out of those 409. They got nack what they all worked hard for.

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