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Pay Day!! 10 Things Not-To-Miss In This Sale-Season

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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1. Stackable Cuff 2. A Mini Skirt 3. Caged Pump 4. Fringed Bag 5. Light Sweater

10 Things Not To Miss In This Sale-Season

6. A Black Jacket

10 Things Not To Miss In This Sale-SeasonMade For Spring, That Will Also Work For Work, A Night-Out With A Date, To Make that Skimpy Dress Look Classy ...

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 7. A Chunky Necklace in Blue

10 Things Not To Miss In This Sale-SeasonBlue is a color of sea, sky and coolness. These all three we need in this season and on our vanity desks.

8. A Shirt Dress

10 Things Not To Miss In This Sale-Season

9. A Hot Pink Handbag

10 Things Not To Miss In This Sale-Season

Via purse blog

10. Aqua Color Shoes

10 Things Not To Miss In This Sale-Season

via purse blog

If you love something, you'd never hear a single reason, why you shouldn't go that way!!
This is my story when I go shopping. It doesn't matter if I am going to splurge, if I really like something, I don't even ask for a single glance of the people who I am with. Okay! I might behave a little well-behaved and considerate and I might ask for their opinion, but it really doesn't matter. I just keep it in my shopping-bag. But if I like something okay-kinda? then I'd ask you thousand times and wait for that spark on your face that i really want to feels inside me. But that doesn't happen. I never wear that stuff even if I buy and get happy...
The plan (of life) is that do-what-you-love!! It's hard to say that it-ever-fails.

Happy Shopping chicas!!

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