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Party Checklist to Help You Select a Kids Magician (Part 3 of 3)

By Stevezany @stevezany

Party Checklist to Help You Select a Kids Magician (Part 3 of 3) - RI Magician Kids Party Ventriloquist Steve Zany

Kids Magician – A-Z Party Selection Checklist (continued)

Here’s the concluding part of the ABC’s of hiring a kids party magician. Consider these factors and you’ll be sure to find a great kids magician. As previously mentioned, it’s important to consider multiple criteria, not just one factor on the list. Trust me. You’ll be happy you did. So will your party guests.

Q – Quality – Look over the kids magician Web site and promotional material. It will provide you a good sense of the approach they take to their magic show. Established professionals will design the magic shows to ensure it exceeds your expectations and makes you look good.

R – Reliable – A kids party professional will send you a written confirmation confirming the magic show you have scheduled and will show up at your kids party or event early.

S – Satisfied clients – The best kids magicians have clients that have hired them time and time again. Another performer I know has had a client for more than 30 years!

T – Testimonials – Be sure to read through the references for the kids magician or party clown you are considering to hire. It’s important to look for third-parties who rave about the performer who you’re potentially hiring for your kids party or event.

U – Unforgettable and Unbelievable – Many moms and dads want their child to feel special. That can mean seeking ideas that turn a typical kids party theme into a “Wow! Wasn’t that a fantastic” occasion. The best kids magician performs shows that many kids remember fondly well into their teenage years.

V – Videos – Be sure to check out examples of the kids magician performances.

W – Worry free – Look for a magic show or kids party entertainment that is entirely self-contained. That will help ensure you have time to relax and that your party is worry-free. Then all you need to provide is an audience for the kids magician that wants to be mystified and laugh. That also provides an opportunity for parents to have some time to socialize amongst themselves, should they choose.

X – eXciting – The only thing better for kids than watching a magic show is actually being in it. Seek a performer who indicates that many kids get to participate in the magic show. And of course, if it’s a kids birthday, you’ll want your child to be made to feel X-tra special.

Y – Youthful – Not all magic shows are geared towards kids. Seek a performer who specialzies in entertaining children of all ages. That can also mean a magician who brings out adults’ inner-child. Ideally, many party and event planners want parents to enjoyed the magic show or performer as much as the kids. It’s important to know that you’re hiring an experienced performer.

Z – Zany – In today’s day and age of Disney, Nickelodeon and $100-million dollar to produce kids movies, many kids respond well to over-the-top stimulation. Kids love watching cartoon characters. You’ll set yourself up to win by finding a kids performer who is like a cartoon character coming to life.

I welcome your comments and wish you all the best in making your next kids party the best ever.

– Steve Zany RI Magician and Kids Party Ventriloquist

RI Magician Kids Party Ventriloquist Steve Zany - Nickelodeon Parents Pick Award Winner!

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