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Parents: What Type Of Personality Are You When It Comes To Driving Lessons?

By 72point @72hub

Parents: What Type Of Personality Are You When It Comes To Driving Lessons?

Are you a drill sergeant, a worshipper, a skipper or a team-mate? Experts have identified the four types of parent when it comes to teaching their children how to drive.

Goodyear have created a 'parent personality' quiz - - so people can work out exactly which category they fall into.

* The Team-mate prefers a friendly 'big brother' approach to coaching their children and can often be heard sharing their own personal experiences.

Like Dumbledore, team-mates believe empowerment is the way forward and will praise their children even if the manoeuvre isn't quite right. They will often be heard swearing at other drivers, even if it was their child who made the mistake.

* The skipper takes a back seathere. Like Yoda, skippers offer nuggets of information but prefer the 'self-discovery' route of teaching, and like to give responsibility to students to make their own decisions - even at roundabouts.

They will support their child if they have a wobble, but if it gets too much or improvement is slow, they are likely to give up and pass the reigns (or wheel) over to someone else.

* Like Jack Black in The School of Rock, worshippers prefer to motivate and love to congratulate their children on their efforts even if they're not perfect. They are so pleased that their child is even attempting to drive, that they will happily go car shopping with them. But beware, it's more than likely they didn't even pass their own driving test at the first attempt.

* The drill sergeant believes he or she is a driving expert and likes to delegate actions. Drill sergeants usually have a lesson plan already mapped out and will set tests to ensure their child knows enough before moving onto the next subject. A classic task master, and the most likely to have a personalised number plate, but all's not lost - they are also the most likely to have passed their own driving test first time.

Goodyear spokeswoman Kate Rock said: "Any parent who has been in a car with a child, whether you're coaching them or not, knows it's a stressful time for you both, especially as other drivers on the road are so unpredictable.

"While we may worry about others' driving, this research suggests that how you act in the car can also have an effect on your child's own driving experience.

"Overall, it's important to remain calm and advise your child to the best of your ability, but always remember if you feel out of your comfort zone, it's safer for you - and your child - to hand over the coaching to someone else."

The study found that drill sergeants are the most common parent personality type, accounting for a third of all parents in the UK, while worshippers are rarer with just one in ten parents falling into this demographic.

Kate Rock added: "Parents who are supplementing driving lessons with home practice should always try to discuss the dos and don'ts with their official instructor, or even look to join a few lessons with their child.

"Not only will this create a safer driving environment for ourselves and others on the road, but also ultimately guide your child to passing their test and becoming a safe road user."

Goodyear also recommends parents take extra lessons themselves to brush up on their own driving skills and mitigate any bad habits before helping others.

Parents: What Type Of Personality Are You When It Comes To Driving Lessons?

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