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Paper Flower Centerpieces - Zipper 8 Lighting

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
Who's ready for signs of spring? (besides me, me, me!)
These are the newest floral centerpieces created by Allison Patrick and Elizabeth Van Buren of Zipper 8 Lighting. You might recall the beautiful artichoke sheet music lanterns they made for the Sing for Hope Gala last fall.
Those were so well-received that Allie and Elizabeth have taken the concept further. They spent the winter perfecting prototypes of watercolor roses and coffee filter flowers that remind me of peonies.
Each flower is hand-sculpted around a hollow shape where battery powered LED lights are hidden. The flowers glow safely from within with no need to hide pesky wires.
Ideal for spring and summer wedding receptions and other elegant events, colors can be customized to match a party's palette. Consult with Allison and Elizabeth via Zipper 8 Lighting.
The calendar may say spring, but it's still too chilly/windy here to spend much time outside. This weekend I'm looking forward to quilling a marriage certificate and going to my two little nephews' birthday party. I hope it's warm and sunny where you are; have a good one!

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By Dora Farias
posted on 12 July at 00:20

pena que não tem passo a passo como fazer porque me apaixonei

By Janice Temple
posted on 18 April at 02:44

I love the paper flowers with the lights. Beautiful!