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Paper Art Exhibit - Paper Creatures at the Old Jaffa Museum

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
It's always nice to hear about origami artist Ilan Garibi's new projects. Recently he wrote to tell me about an exhibit he curated called Paper Creatures that is underway at the Old Jaffa Museum in Old Jaffa, Israel.
Sphinx - Polly Verity Sphinx - Polly Verity
It showcases the work of thirty two international paper artists who collectively designed one hundred fantastical pieces in keeping with the theme of dimensional, man-made creatures.
Aspidochelone - the sea monster - Julianna Szabo Aspidochelone - the sea monster - Julianna Szabo
While Ilan has curated three origami exhibits in the past, this is his first to feature multiple paper art techniques including origami, sculpture, quilling, pop up, paper cutting and collage.
Carapace - Suhail Shaikh  Carapace - Suhail Shaikh
Participants include well-known names in the world of paper, along with quite a few that might be new to you. For example, Sari Wurtman, who did the piece below, quills in Israel. Meet Sari and see photos of her additional exhibit pieces via her Instagram feed.
Quilled Creature - Sari Wurtman Quilled Creation - Sari Wurtman
Ilan searched for artists who would represent the freedom of creation as released from their imaginations. It was important to him that while the pieces be wholly fanciful, paper as the material would remain recognizable.
Creature - Merav Peleg Creature - Merav Peleg
I'm a longtime reader of the blog Handmade in Israel, whose author Lisa Isaacs featured an in-depth report about the Paper Creatures exhibit after visiting it. Head over to Lisa's post to learn more about the artists behind the incredible works.
Ciérbol - Victor Coeurjoly Ciérbol - Victor Coeurjoly
Paper Creatures will be on display through October 29, 2016. It will then be available to travel to other locations around the world... contact Ilan Garibi or Limor Margulis via the Old Jaffa Museum if your venue is interested in hosting it.
 Elemental1 - Chosen - Julianna Szabo Elemental1 - Chosen - Julianna Szabo 

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