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Paleo Celebrities: Jessica Biel Uses Paleo, Yoga and Crossfit for Weight Loss After Baby

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
Paleo Celebrities Jessica Biel Featured Image

Paleo Celebrities Jessica Biel Featured Image

Paleo Celebrities: Jessica Biel uses Paleo, Yoga and Crossfit for weight loss after baby

Yes, we have them! Paleo Celebrities! There are plenty of celebrities on Paleo that stick to the lifestyle and vouch for how well it works. However, do not forget to always consult with your primary health care professional, or with a nutrition specialist, prior to starting this or any other eating and exercise plan.

Well-known Paleo celebrities:

Jessica Biel is one of the most vocal celebrities for the Paleo lifestyle. As a new mom, she chose Paleo for its premise of all-natural nourishment with no preservatives or “fake” foods.  Another Paleo benefit that she adheres to, is the sugar-free lifestyle. Although sugar is not very popular among weight-conscious Hollywood celebrities, Paleo is one of the few plans to offer alternatives that are natural and make sense.  For mothers who need to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies fast, like Jessica, Paleo is the best source of nutrition when engaging in heavy exercise programs. The energy that is consumed through a Paleolithic diet ensures a consistent energy flow with no crashing.

Jack Osbourne– Ozzy Osbourne’s son shifted between a junk food-filled life, to the healthier MMA lifestyle, until his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In a clever move, Osborne faced the condition head on by treating the complications that come with the condition in a proactive way. He chose the Paleo lifestyle for its premise of  a grain-free, starch-free, gluten-free eating.  Since MS is mainly about inflammation, following the Paleo plan is key to maintaining a healthy, pain-free and relapse-free life.

Paleo Celebrities Inline Image
Grant Hill, who retired after 19 years in the NBA, claims that the Paleo lifestyle is what maintained his body at a healthy level, to the point that he never suffered any major injuries, despite the high physicality of the game. Hill correlates his Paleo lifestyle to his high energy levels, to his ability to perform at the same speed and engagement as younger players, and to his physical strength.

Eva LaRue, from CSI: Miami, has been featured in different Paleo lifestyle publications. She maintains that Paleo has helped her become healthier than ever, and that losing weight has never been easier. When your body starts using up all of the energy it consumes, there is no way to put on extra weight.

Those are the voices that teach us how the premise of Paleo works.

Our ancestors lived highly physical, extenuating, and energy-consuming lives as hunters and gatherers. Their daily lives were about finding food, securing shelter, protecting themselves and their groups, and fighting the elements of nature: predatory animals, dangerous insects, rogue terrains, and erratic weather, among many other things.

It was a life that required consistent problem solving skills, high alertness, speed, good eyesight, and physical stamina. Clearly, the foods that this group ate went hand in hand with their energy consumption needs. This is how come our ancestors did not suffer any of the diseases or problems that we experience today.  Even if their world had been as contaminated as ours is now, what they put inside their bodies was consistently natural and energy-filled.

There you have it! They did it, and you can do it, too. Paleo is easy, fun and makes a lot of sense. It is about eating good food that is good for you, too.

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