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Oxblood is the New Black | Shoes, Nail Polish & Lipstick

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld
Oxblood is the New Black | Shoes, Nail polish & Lipstick

Oxblood is the new black!!! During the fall, Oxblood is the one of the most sought after shades for fashion. Oxblood shoes. Oxblood makeup. Oxblood nail polish. Even oxblood lipstick. So if you are looking to spice up your wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons be sure to include oxblood.

“Oxblood is a deep, berry shade. It’s very similar to deep burgundy or maroon. It is warm and rich. It’s a bold color so it pairs beautiful with neutral colors including whites, blacks, grays and beige.”

In one of my recent vlog posts on youtube, I did an OOD (outfit of the day) with a pair of oxblood booties I received from here. I really love the boots and I ended up wearing them with another must-have for this time of the year – a red plaid {or lumberjack} shirt. I also threw on a pair of high waisted denim leggings from forever 21. Although I mixed red and oxblood and initially felth they wouldn’t ‘jive’ well together….I really like the way they looked together.

You can check out that video post starring those oxblood shoes to see more on the outfit that I put together {and me actually wearing it!}.

Oxblood is the New Black | Shoes, Nail polish & Lipstick

“Long story short… if you are thinking about adding items to your fall wardrobe make sure to include some deep, rich gorgeous reds or oxbloods.”

You don’t have to pay full price for anything either. Check out online consignment shops or thrift shops for great oxblood picks. I reviewed thredsUprecently and I absolutely love the concept of shopping online for used clothing items – it’s so stress free. I also have a $10 voucher for you to spend however you’d like. So why not spend it on some oxblood. You can grab the $10 shopping voucher here.

Please be sure to follow me on Facebook and leave a comment below letting me know your fall choices when it comes to fashion and make up. Also let me know if there is anything you would like for me to review here? Thanks for stopping by and see you next time! ! !

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