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Owning a Filofax - the Sign of Being a Grown up

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett

Owning a filofax - the sign of being a grown up
Owning a filofax - the sign of being a grown up
Owning a filofax - the sign of being a grown up
Filofax via charity shop - 75pLined coloured inserts - Tesco - £2.50 per packFilofax 2012 insert - Tesco - £6.50
Back in September when I attended the #ldnbloggermeet, there was a chat about filofaxes, mainly between me and Law, who recalled stories of how we use to look at people with filofaxes and think, to put it bluntly "you tw*t". Swapping memories of how it was people like your dad that had them, but now, these days it is a different matter. Especially among the blogging world where they are now seen almost as a fashion accessory.
I had been on a hunt for a filofax since before the meet, as its basically like a diary but better. I went into Stationer, to find the filofaxes chained to the shelf with a price range of between £30 - £60 not including the inserts, so decided that my diary will have to do! Though, imagine my surprise when I find a slightly battered (sign it had be used and loved!) filofax in a charity shop for a mere 75p! I instantly tweeted Law to let her know, that I was finally a grown up!
There is many things that I've started doing lately that show signs of being a grown up; wearing heels in the day time, using eye cream, not spending money I don't have on clothes I don't need, and now owning a filofax.
Though I much prefer to think that I've just grown up, rather than being a grown up. Because as much as I love my filofax, lets face it - being a grown up is just a tad dull.
"believe in yourself"

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