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OUT NOW! Norwegian Prog Death Eaters DEFECT DESIGNER Unleash New Album 'Ageing Accelerator'

Posted on the 16 July 2015 by Ripplemusic
oslo lineup
Live Line-up, Left to right: Dmitry Sukhinin (vocals, guitars), Martin Storm-Olsen – Guitars, Clean Vocals, Anders Faret Haave – Drums - Photo by Polina “Helvete” Kulikovskikh Music Video - Crusaders - Watch here.      Born out the darkness of Siberia and re-located on the shores of Oslo, Norway in 2012, DEFECT DESIGNER returns in 2015 with their new album 'Ageing Accelerator', which is now available from Sleaszy Rider Records as of July 13th and can be purchased on CD and digital download at http://defect-designer.bandcamp.com/album/ageing-accelerator. "Ageing Accelerator is finally unleashed! We would like to welcome you to our second full-length effort, the new Defect Designer album. This album is a global project that unites Norway, Greece, Canada, Sweden and Russia. We've been waiting for this moment for several years and today it's finally out. It took an age to compose and I spent a year to make it a great listen plus another to produce it. This release is a huge step from our first album and we tried our best to make it sound interesting. Please enjoy! We hope you'll love it and this style will fit your music collection nicely." - Dmitry and Defect Designer" The album features a brutal recording line up that includes drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), guitarist Stelios Mavromitis (SepticFlesh live guitarist),  Martin Storm-Olsen (ex-Trollfest) on guitars and clean vocals, Christos Antoniou (SepticFlesh) for sampling and orchestration along with Dmitry Sukhinin on vocals, bass and guitars. "After the first lineup dissolved I was so desperate that I wrote to few people and got the recording lineup." explains Dmitry Sukhinin. "SepticFlesh's Seth proposed his brother Christos to help with orchestration, Christos proposed SepticFlesh's live guitar player Stelios to do guitars, Flo from Cryptopsy did the drums, cause actually he was my main drum inspiration. I did bass, and during the recording I met Martin who was in Trollfest before, he did clean vocals and some solos along with my solos. Then the real line up started to build up and we have Anders from Blood Red Throne. As for me, I also play in Oslo jazz death metal Diskord."  Ageing Accelerator recording Line-up Ageing Accelerator recording Line-up. Left to right: Dmitry Sukhinin (vocals, guitars), Flo Mounier – Drums, Stelios Mavromitis – Guitars, Martin Storm-Olsen – Guitars, Clean Vocals Photos by Polina “Helvete” Kulikovskikh, Seth Siro Anton, Jacky Mounier Their live line up consists of members of ex-Blood Red Throne, Images At Twilight, ex-Trollfest, Diskord and other music projects: Dmitry Sukhinin on vocals and guitars, Martin Storm-Olsen on guitars and clean vocals and Anders Faret Haave on drums, which has shared the stage over the years with Napalm Death, Helheim, Welicoruss, Apokefale and Demon Project among many others.. The ten track ripper is an aural assault that fans of SepticFlesh, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Slipknot, and Carcass will not want to miss as it follows DEFECT DESIGNER's evolution from 2013's 'AA' EP, 2009's 'WAX' LP and 2007's debut EP 'W'. Track By Track: Ageing Accelerator. Something that drastically increase your ageing, something you found out. You instantly become old. There is no major concept in the album.  1. Corpsewatcher is about the old tradition to be around the dead body all night till last minutes above the ground, despair.  2. Yellow Grimace is based on real story of a person receiving someone he knows to prepare for final ritual.  3. The Terrible is about Ivan The Terrible.  4. I Remember You Dead is based on a story of Edgar Allan Poe, The Casque of Amontillado. Revenge!!! 5. Flies On Your Lips is about the person who decided to kill himself. Wrote lyrics after it happened to a person Dmitry Sukhinin knew.  6. Crusaders is about wars and economic wars, wars for oil and territory. And about Hypocrisy.  7. Berenice is based on Edgar Allan Poe's story Berenice about sick obsession with teeth.  8. Communist Architectonics is about disgusting architectural style USSR used to contaminate the cities with exploding old cathedrals, churches and something that wa really beautiful and replacing it with atrocious concrete.  9. Temple Of Artemis is about people whom we should not memorize like the one who burned the temple.  10. StarDust is instrumental, initially was a song for bass guitar, but it evolved. OUT NOW! Norwegian Prog Death Eaters DEFECT DESIGNER Unleash New Album 'Ageing Accelerator' For more info, please visit www.Defect-Designer.com.  

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