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Our Poll Hammers Short and Bain. But There is Another Sunderland Viewpoint

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland
Our poll hammers Short and Bain. But there is another Sunderland viewpoint

Paul Summerside urges patience

Salut! Sunderland is always anxious to present the other side of a contentious story. We cannot pretend to know much about the Fulwell73 group of wealthy, would-be owners (could they be the mysterious unseen people who wanted to buy out this site not so long back?) beyond what we’ve read elsewhere

But we do know what Paul Summerside, another long-suffering fan, makes of our current predicament. A stern critic of the club and especially Moyes last season, he is now on the side of rational consideration and a spot of patience …

The question introducing our poll at our Facebook group – join with ease if you use that social forum, read: “do we have to accept the inevitable consequence of the present scandalous stalemate is that promotion next season is an utter fantasy?”

Paul’s answer: “of course not!”. And he went on:

Phase 1
pre-season. Player fitness and friendlies organised. Ball/Stockdale/Dickman and others well capable of filling in short term. The players, especially those wishing to leave will have a professional approach to pre season.
Important thing is to get the buy out sorted ASAP.

Phase 2 Short looks keen to move this along at pace, dropping his valuation to an absolute bargain £85 million. (Bricks and mortar of the club are worth that) This is significantly closer to the initial £50 million offered by the German consortium. Frankly, if they cant raise that to what Short is asking, I would have serious worries about them as a force.

Once this is sorted, rumor has it by the end of this week, one way or the other we can turn to

Phase 3 a managerial appointment. Problem we’ve had to date is the uncertainty brought about, by trying to multitask manager appointment, with the buy out. This was always a non-starter and frightened away anyone remotely interested in the job.

The new owners will want their own people, possibly an injection of vorsprung durk technik*.

Short/Bain will have their targets should the buy out not materialise. Either way a manager WILL be appointed.

Conclusion The next two weeks should be very interesting times for SAFC supporters and fans.

Patience, and a slice of reality pie needed. Onwards and Upwards.

* This German phrase is usually translated into English as “progress through technology”. A literal translation would be “advancement through technology”. There’s no single English word which is an exact English equivalent of “vorsprung”; “to leap ahead” comes close. Thanks

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