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Our Midterm Trip to the United Kingdom Part 1 Scotland with the Little Ones

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor

Schoooooooooool's out for winter! So I will blogging a little until I know how strenuous my classes are next semester. I am taking, Statistics, Humanities, and Libs in spring's 1st session; so you all tell me! :-)
001We went to Switzerland this past weekend and currently we're in the midst of planning another trip before December's end! This is our last year in Germany and I really hope to see as much of Europe as I can on a budget.
We planned a trip to the UK a year ago, for this November. At the time I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be in school. My brother lives in England and knowing that 2012 was our last full year in in Europe (that we know of) I had to make sure we had enough money saved up for airfare and just staying there. 
Not only did we go to England but we also went to Scotland. When planning the trip, my husband asked if we should go somewhere else. I thought it'd be too much money, but we got a really good deal. He gave me a choice of Ireland, Wales, or Scotland. So I chose Scotland (a toughie between Scotland and Ireland!).
I really loved Scotland even more so than I thought I would. So many friendly people (besides one) and it's so beautiful. Even though it rained most of our visit, there was SOOOOOO much to do there! 085Edinburgh029
We utilized many cabs! I loved them. Even better than the Mercedes Cabs here in Germany 049
At the Museum of Scotland. A cute Interactive Center for kids139Daddy playing dress up148
We got Kilts for the little ones. Maybe will use these for Christmas pictures!
At the doll museum. I liked this one better than the one in Prague! We're going to another one soon, so I'll give details about that one, too!231
On the Royal Mile237238266
My Doctor Who fan was excited to see this!283
At the Edinburgh Castle!323
View from the Castle326
At Camera Obscura Museum! This is a MUST visit if you're ever in Edinburgh!331
View from Camera ObscuraIMG_2278
Before eating Thanksgiving Dinner at TGIFridays! My natural hair endured a lot of rain over there! I had to do a lot of fluffing. One thing I learned from this trip is to do more protective styles or bring a pick!!! Check out my Switzerland trip post in the next coming weeks for my new go to winter protective style!400
Watch out for part 2 tomorrow which I will share my trip to London!

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