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Our List Of The First 80 Non-IDN/Brand New gTLD’s That Will Come To Market

Posted on the 26 December 2012 by Worldwide @thedomains

This a list of the first 80 Non-IDN , Non-.Brand new gTLDs that should come to market first.


Because all of these are new gTLD’s are non contested, meaning there was only one application made for the string, none were subject to an GAC early warning and drew a low number in the ICANN draw.

Assuming the applications pass initial evaluation, are not put into a contention set by ICANN, no formal objections or GAC objection are filed, these are the most likely new gTLD’s which are not IDN’s/.Brands which should be hitting the market first.

Several Geographic TLD’s like .Paris .Berlin, .Tokyo, .Melbourne, .Budapest, Helsinki, .Okinawa and .NYC all should be among the 1st new gTLD approved and go to market.

There are other pseudo Geo terms as well like .Kiwi, .Thia, and .Swiss

We expect that the Geo extensions to be by in large very successful as they have a built in market of millions of residents and  businesses.

We also excluded pseudo brands or highly restricted TLD’s like .Forex, .Creditunion .Mormon .Pharmacy and .GOP which although filed as a generic or generic/brand seem to be scheduled to be tightly controlled by the proposed registry and almost all of Amazon’s applications as they are using chatting about them for the most part being closed (using the answer to Question 18 on the Application).

Here is a list of 80 new gTLD’s that we think as we sit today, that will hit the market first, along with their draw number (1-108 were all IDN’s):

Camera 123
Menu 132
Lifestyle 144
Helsinki 148
IDN 150
Hiv 160
Prod 162
Wiki 181
Clothing 182
Lighting 183
Singles  185
Tattoo 187
Uno   190
Tokyo   199
Paris    200
CEO   206
Engineer 214
Voyage  216
Yachts   217
Swiss    220
Bid   242
Cymru 244
Cab   249
Guru   250
Thai   258
Democrat 261
Room   265
Equipment 267
Bike  283
Budapest 288
Okinawa 294
Safety  306
Codes  310
Contractors 319
Webcam 325
Business 326
Cal   329
Kiwi  331
Plumbing 343
Center 346
Study  349
Melbourne 350
Surgery 353
Soy   356
Analytics 363
How 364
Winners 366
Land 372
Sexy 373 (did receive Early waring from Iran After deadline)
Management 379
Pharmacy 391
Ads 392
Gratis 397
Lease 412
Berlin 423
Technology 432
Mov 440
Solutions 441
Smile  444
Ecom  456
NYC   465
Kim 478
Autos 488
Gallery 496
Careers 501
Dance 511
Blue 513
Market 515
Tour 517
Pink 520
Kinder 525
Hoteis 526
Diamonds 532
Link 534
Academy 544
Enterprises 548
Supplies 555
Fan 558
Company 559
Nagoya 565 …

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