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Our Choices In November: (Neoliberal Austerity Or Neofascist Racism) and Bad to Worse Levels of International War(s)

Posted on the 19 July 2016 by Andy96

Here are two interviews comparing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. One with Dr. Henry Giroux and the other with Dr. Cornel West:

This Is Hell! | On violence, neoliberalism and the hallucinatory anti-politics of the Trump era

If we can’t change consciousness, if we can’t get people to identify with the issues in a way that make them appear very real to their lives, then all of a sudden anger gets distorted and rerouted into something worse – it becomes racism, it becomes a movement mobilized by the need for saviors, it becomes a movement that embodies the worst possible political alternative.

Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party’s Jill Stein Over “Neoliberal Disaster” Hillary Clinton

Hillary is a neoliberal disaster:

A neoliberal disaster is one who generates a mass incarceration regime, who deregulates banks and markets, who promotes chaos of regime change in Libya, supports military coups in Honduras, undermines some of the magnificent efforts in Haiti of working people, and so forth. That’s the record of Hillary Clinton. So there was no way—when my dear brother, who I love very deeply, Bernie Sanders said she will make an outstanding president, I said, “Oh, I disagree with my brother. I think she’ll—I don’t think she’ll make an outstanding president at all.” She’s a militarist. She’s a hawk. She could take us into war with Russia. She could take us into war with Iran. So, I mean, I think she’s—she’s dangerous in terms of her neoliberal ideology—not as a woman, because I’m supporting, of course, my dear sister Jill Stein.

Trump is a neofascist disaster:

Now, Trump is a neofascist in the making. There’s no doubt about that.

Because neofascism in the United States takes the form of big money, big banks, big corporations, tied to xenophobic scapegoating of the vulnerable, like Mexicans and Muslims and women and black folk, and militaristic policies abroad, with strongman, charismatic, autocratic personality, and that’s what Donald Trump is.

With Trump we get our version of corporate sponsored Fascism and internal war plus world war. With Hillary we get corporate driven neoliberal austerity with rioting mobs of the abused at home and world war.

So, austerity is better than concentration camps, right?


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