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Our 5 Favorite Winter Anime At The Mid-Season Point

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Death ParadeOur 5 Favorite Winter Anime At The Mid-Season Point

The mid-season part of the winter season has arrived. What does that mean? That means we’ve basically discovered what anime through the first 2 months are worth our time. Of course, what’s worth everyone’s time is totally different, so Naru, Helen, Neomo, and Justin argued over what 5 shows were worth watching this season. After at least 3 hours of debate over a three week span ok none of this happened In the end, everyone chose their five favorite anime, and probably regret nothing


  • Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!: I can attempt to come up with many pathetic excuses to explain why I’ve added Binan Koukou, but nothing comes to mind. just like the large majority of people viewing this anime, I started watching it just to see Magical Boys defend Earth. I have no regrets.
  • Stardust Crusaders:I can’t say that I’m fully enjoying the way the episodes are going with the “Monster of the Week” concept, but as long as the fights are fun, I’ll obviously carry on with Jojo.
  • Kamisama Kiss: This second season is just as hilarious as the first one! Being an avid reader of the manga, I merely couldn’t miss out on this. the fact that the animation has gotten better over time is also a giant plus.
  • Death Parade: The best surprise of this season. I’m a sucker for stories revolving around dark themes and so far, the anime is doing a great job of handling these themes.
  • Kuroko no Basket: Wouldn’t miss the final season of pretty boys playing magic basketball for the world.


  • Death Parade: Death Parade is both clever and stunning with it’s use of visuals (the scene with nona, a former arbiter who determines people’s fates, and her own superior who is “the man closest to god” playing pool with a replica of the solar system was brilliant) and the show is carefully paced so that as soon as the audience begins to wonder more about the plot or the characters it reveals something. There are still more questions than answers at this point but the answers given so far show just how much thought has gone into this story.
  • Shirobako: While Shirobako occasionally hits too close to home, I find that I actually enjoy seeing characters go through the same struggles I am and it’s at the very least comforting. And it’s a fun show! I have no idea how any anime series manages to come out, on time, every single week without completely falling apart, wonder what stories there are for Shirobako’s behind the scenes!
  • Yona of the Dawn: Based off of one of my favorite manga, I was a bit hesitant based off of the first few episodes but I am now completely on-board for the story. It’s in my favorite arc and it’s fun to see other people say the same things I said when I read the manga and come to the same conclusions, it’s a testament to the strength of the original writing and the adaptive staff.
  • Log Horizon: I’ve always enjoyed the world-building in Log Horizon and it’s gotten even more creative in this season (I’d imagine if you were stuck in a video game you would also get tired of the music) and has really amped up the character development. I was a bit surprised that the show is practically introducing socialism with it’s debates but what the heck, if they have to reinvent society anyway I want them to go all the way!
  • Yurikuma Arashi: While I’m not as in love with the series as I was with Utena or Penguindrum (I loved the imagery in Utena from the start and the mystery of Penguindrum) I’m still thoroughly enjoying this series. With those other two series I had to do a lot of background reading to understand the story and, while I am enjoying the many many blog posts on YKA, I find that I can also enjoy this show on a surface level and then dive more into the symbolism and references when I have the time.


  • Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: Yes it’s a harem show, but I love the fact that the main boy isn’t the atypical perv, and not every girl in the harem group is desperate to be in bed with him. Megumi has quite possibly got to be the best harem girl ever (purely because of her desire to be plain, unnoticeable and in the background, very much unlike the other three).
  • Koufuku Graffiti: Well I can’t not add the show I’m reviewing right now. Just the simple good mixture of slice-of-life comedy/happiness/fluff and…umm…food. These girls love to make food, and they love eating the food more. Halfway through and the summer episodes have come; won’t be long until Christmas comes and all three of them will be gorging on chocolate: quite possibly the most erotic of foods.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi: I didn’t enjoy Mawaru Penguindrum at all, so I was rather hesitant with this one. But suddenly it’s grown on me. Not so much the amazing artwork, or the judges, or the adorable bears, but the close-knit relationship between the three girls: Kureha, Ginko, and Lulu.
  • The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls: Rin Shibuya. ‘Nuff said. 2015 has only just started in anime, and Rin has already become best waifu. But unlike the original [email protected] shows, the strong focus on Rin, Uzuki and Mio has made it definitely something good. I’ve already forgotten most of the other girls. And I haven’t even started on Producer-san.
  • Shirobako: Glasslip broke me. It scarred me. But Shirobako has got to be up there on everyone’s top 5 of the year, mostly because of Aoi Miyamoto herself. Every other character in the animation studio has their own amazing quirks and memorable scenes, so bring them all together and add a well-written script, P.A Works have definitely redeemed themselves.


  • Death Parade: A concept built off an Anime Mirai project has essentially evolved into a title that can go on for a long while, and can tackle a boatload of stories with its format. Also, I can’t talk about this anime without mentioning the fantastic OP.
  • Yurikuma Arashi: Not quite as good as Mawaru Penguindrum, which entertained me to no end from start to finish, but there’s just enough Kuma Shock! and judges approving bears eating humans that makes this a nice watch every week.
  • Kamisama Kiss: Speaking of Kuma Shock! I was not too big of a fan of the first Kamisama Kiss; this season is markedly better, with better comedic scripts, the relationship between Tomoe and Nanami much more enjoyable, and overall being an easy watch.
  • Assassination Classroom: Didn’t legit expect a Seiji Kishi/Makoto Uezu show would actually succeed, but I guess the material is just strong enough. Still don’t like how cheap it comes off, but Koro-sensei MORE than makes up for it.
  • Stardust Crusaders: This season continues its “monster of the week” format as it did from last year, though with way better results. Joseph needs more screentime, somehow.

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