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Ottawa’s Iconoclast Joined Finger 11 to Rock Mavericks on Friday Night

Posted on the 21 September 2016 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg

Saying the crowd was alive Friday night at Mavericks would be an understatement. 300 bodies packed the room as we ( Iconoclast) took to the very crowded stage. Often when opening for larger acts, we end up having to set up our gear in front of their back line, which makes a tight fit for five six foot rockers. But you learn how to move around without space. Dodging guitar necks and mic stands while you strive to put on the show the screaming fans deserve. Or just dive into the pit, and fist bump fans while shredding licks. It's a good life.

People often ask what it's like being on stage. To be honest, for me it's the exact same as being in the crowd. When you're watching one of your favourite bands play, usually, the more energy they put into their show the more you enjoy it. Well it goes both ways. When we're playing, the more active the crowd is, the more they look to you for that sweet release, the more we enjoy it. And Friday night's crowd was as alive as they come.

The transition from "that bearded guy who was just on stage humping his guitar" to "non descript photog in the pit" is an interesting experience. I could tell stories, but I digress.

Finger Eleven, or F11 as they have rebranded themselves these days, are great to watch. Especially at a place like Mavericks. The intimacy of a small venue coupled with their energy on stage makes for a captive, lively audience.

I took a lot of pleasure in getting to witness Rick Jackett do his thing. He was one of my favourite guitarists growing up and never disappoints when he steps out under the spotlight. Standing on the side of the stage Friday night and watching him rock out harder than most guys half his age, that's the moment I want to capture. That is rock and roll.

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Ottawa’s Iconoclast joined Finger 11 to rock Mavericks on Friday night

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