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Oso Blanco Needs Letters Written Demanding Continued Medical Treatment

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

Please write letters to indigenous political prisoner Oso Blanco to remind prison staff that his ailing liver requires continued attention, and that we haven’t forgotten about him!

by Niko / Earth First! Journal

Oso Blanco, who is currently serving 80 years in prison for robbing banks for money to support the Zapatista Rebellion, recently developed a cancer in his liver and required letters to be written demanding treatment. The letters were effective in calling the attention of the prison staff to Oso’s condition and granting him medical treatment. Now, we have received a request for more letters to be written to urge for the doctor’s recommendations to be followed up on.

A message from Flint Gray of osoblanco.org said:

‘We are calling for everyone to write Oso Blanco a get well card anytime the first week of August (1st-7th)…This helps a few ways.* Raises Oso’s spirit* Shows prison staff we haven’t forgotten about him not receiving proper medical tests for his ailing liver.* Will hopefully STOP the prison from holding mail from Oso which has happened since our call-in/letter campaign.

* And most importantly, we need to make sure Oso (& the staff) hears the doc’s recommendations….

Soooo, get a card or better yet make one and write whatever you want on it – what you did today, draw a picture or just sign your name – but please please please also include something along these lines:

“It is my hope that you receive an an alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) blood test that helps to screen for liver cancer risk
and a Hepatitis C viral load (quantitative) blood test that lets us know how much actual virus is in your body. I also hope you get an adequate ultrasound of your liver and can see the results.”‘

Please write to Oso Blanco at:

Byron Chubbuck
#07909051USP FlorencePO BOX 7000Florence, CO 81226You must have a return address for the letter to be accepted.

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