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Osborne’s ‘boob Tax’: Is Plastic Surgery a Luxury Or a Necessity?

Posted on the 17 October 2011 by Periscope @periscopepost

Osborne’s ‘boob tax’: Is plastic surgery a luxury or a necessity?

Boob jobs: Free for all? Photo credit: Herkie,

George Osborne is planning a full frontal assault on Britain’s prized assets: the introduction of a “boob tax.” Under the plans, plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons will become subject to VAT, pushing up prices like an over-tight Wonderbra – according to The Sun, the average breast enlargement will cost £1,000 more.

It’s a fair cup. Writing in The Daily Mail, Dominique Jackson was in favour of the move, arguing that the money would fund vital NHS services. “If you’re happy to pay VAT on your cosmetics, then why not on your cosmetic surgery? Surely the aim of both is to improve your looks”, she said.

Keeping abreast of the issues. Page Three girl Peta Todd agreed, telling The Sun: “It’s a luxury, not a necessity, and so it’s right to pay VAT.” Plastic surgery for medical reasons will be exempt from VAT.

Not the breast solution. The President of the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons was less impressed. “The subjective proposals being put forward by HMRC will potentially harm large numbers of patients”, said Fazel Fatah, reported The Daily Telegraph; he argued that the definition of “medical need” is subjective.

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