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Origami Fashion - Wearable Art by Papel (Paper)

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
If you're a longtime reader, you've probably noticed how much I enjoy featuring emerging artists. Today's introduction is to the youngest by far - Agustin is only seven years old! After mentioning in my recent newsletter that I was interested in showcasing wearable art on the blog, his mother, Caroline Candusso, wrote to tell me about her son's avid interest in origami, to the point that he now has a thriving small business.
Origami Fashion by Papel (Paper)
Caroline said: The story behind Papel (Paper) is that the boy has been folding since the age of two. Last year he asked to start his own business and I have had to learn to fold to help him keep up with the orders.
Papel (Paper) - Origami by A Boy and His Mama
How nice is that? As the mother of sons myself, I heartily applaud Caroline for encouraging Agustin's fascination with folding. She said to me, I refer to him as the boy as part of a mother's quest, that boys too can and do make beautiful things. Not the stereotype of them being just rough. 
Origami Fashion Belt by Papel (Paper)
The community here [Wagga Wagga in NSW, Australia] has been wonderfully supportive, not only by placing bouquet orders, but also requesting centrepieces for functions and events.
Origami Wearable Art by Papel (Paper)
Caroline, who is also an artist, explained that from ages 2-6 Agustin enjoyed folding ordinary tissues. When she gave him an origami book and paper last year, his interest truly took off.
 Origami Fashion Headpiece by Papel (Paper)
"Generally he reads the instructions once and then folds from memory. By mid-2016, he asked me if we could start a business. Paper wearables have been a big thing for him. It started with brooches and now headpieces, bracelets, and belts.
Origami Folding - Papel (Paper)
I do the paper sourcing, cutting, and take his work and pull it all together for bouquets. But he is the founder of the business and the one with a great eye for detail.
Origami Fashion Accessory by Papel (Paper)
Agustin is often asked, why do you like to fold? His response is always the same, "I just like to create." It is a truly marvelous paper adventure.
To learn more, visit Papel (Paper), enjoy articles in The Daily Advertiser and Belles and Whispers, and follow along with the boy and la mamá via Instagram.
Photography: @jas_elkavenue

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