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Orange Is The New Black And Halloween At Some Canadian Schools

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Yahoo reports that some schools in Ontario, Canada are banning Halloween. Reasons include that some families don’t celebrate Halloween and “and the frequency with which hot, uncomfortable costumes make children cry during class.

So at some of  these schools, “Halloween” has been replaced with new names like “Spirits Day” and “Black and Orange Day.” Kids are encourage to wear orange and black. Totally not sponsored by Netflix!

3 More Names We Propose For Halloween

1. Random Strangers Knocking On Your Door Who Are Not Asking For Your Support In The Upcoming Election Day.

2. We Have To Get Rid Of These Candy Fragments Swept Off The Factory Floor Day

3. Day When Neighborhood Kids With No Magic Skills Offer The Option Of Tricks Instead Of Receiving Treats

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