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Only The Best For Your Hair | My Top Hair Product Suggestion

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Do you remember when you we’re younger, and how thick your hair actually use to be?

I’ll never forget that whenever I wanted the chance to play outside, one of my family friends would always come up to me and say, “Oh my god! Can I please braid your hair, it’s so thick!”, and well, now almost being 24, I sadly wish I had that thick head of hair that I always wanted to rip out and replace with thinned out hair. I actually remember wanting to trade my thick hair for my best friend’s thinned out hair, which is the strangest thing to think about now.

Since I have not done a hair/make-up post in a while, I figured that if any day would be the perfect day to-do so, Friday would be it!

When it comes to hair product, I am especially picky in that department because you can end up getting products that either make your hair too oily, too greasy, too flat, or just plain miserable to even look at.

I can not go a single day without using shampoo and conditioner on my hair, because immediately my hair hits the “not so friendly” zone.

With shampoo and conditioner as well, you always have to watch for the specific ingredients that can ultimately ruin, and damage the health of your overall hair.


  One of my newest favored shampoo and conditioner brands, Christine by Van Thomas Concepts, has officially stolen my heart and there is no turning back with this one!

If you have never heard of Christine products before, it was actually founded by Van Thomas who has styled, lectured and appeared in 36 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia and was a nominee for the NAHA’s North American Multi-Cultural Hair Stylist of the Year award. He came educated into the industry as both a stylist and an international education director for different beauty manufacturers.

Now I bet you are wondering where the name “Christine” came from, right?

Van Thomas actually took inspiration from his late daughter, Christine, which I thought was very neat.

Unlike the majority of the hair products [ shampoos + conditioners ] on your local let’s say CVS shelf, Van actually developed “Life Complex”, which is a formula with three ingredients that are overall vital for both hair and skin rejuvenation, keratin, silk & jojoba oil.

image (1)

If you want to keep your hair safe and protected, this is now my number one “go-to” line!

Twitter: @ChristinebyVTC Facebook page: Christine by Van Thomas Concepts TO VISIT THE FULL LINE OF CHRISTINE BY VAN THOMAS CONCEPTS CLICK HERE
Only The Best For Your Hair | My Top Hair Product Suggestion

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