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Online Dating Sites| What Brand Of Dater Are You?

By Datingdiva40 @datingdiva40

Online Dating Sites

When most people think of branding, products like Clorox, clean and fresh, or cheerio’s, its heart healthy, come to mind. Branding is about the image my friends and can be applied to your dating sites profile as well. What is your profile telling the world?

If your profile resembles an ASPCA commercial featuring a certain Sheryl Crowe song which elicits a wince and change the channel reflex, you are doing it wrong. Not that there's anything wrong with laying out your life story but perhaps you should save the fact that you are still mourning the death of Mittens the cat's death for a later date. Everyone has a history, some good, some bad, and some a little blurry.  When you are branding yourself to the world think about what your profile says to the world.

Many people are sad or even angry to be single but no one is searching for those traits in a potential match. If you read a bio that says" I have been single for 7 years and I'm "bleeping" tired of it. Is there not one decent human left on this planet?" Chances are you are going to “change" the channel to something a little lighter and uplifting.

A well written dating profile should read like a sitcom or a movie of the week. Let your audience know what to expect, get their attention without giving away too much of the plot, be engaging and entertaining. If you can do this, you will have people interested enough to come back and "tune" in to see what this show is all about. That’s branding your profile. You send out a message that attracts attention and leaves people interested in coming back. Try this approach to your dating sites profile.  By brand yourself with a positive image,  you can attract the best response.

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