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Once Upon a Time Bosses Dish on Big Finale—Plus, Will an Evil Mother Be Back for Season Two?

Posted on the 11 May 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

The season finale of Once Upon a Time is upon us and it’s going to be a wild ride. We talked to showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis for scoop on who’s back for the big Good vs. Evil showdown spectacular. Plus, which fairy-tale characters can we expect back for season two?

Since Emma (Jennifer Morrison) came to Storybrooke and the clock started moving, everything has been leading up to this shocking finale. Will Henry (Jared Gilmore) die? Will Emma finally believe and break the curse? Some of your favorite characters will be returning for the season’s end but who’s coming back for the recently ordered season two?  Find out now: 

“The story we’ve started to tell in the pilot and the conflicts we’ve introduced reach a boiling point in the finale,” Horowitz says. “That will hopefully take this show to a new place.”

It might be taking us to a new place, but we will have some familiar faces. In Sunday’s finale we will be seeing lots of old friends from the season, including Jefferson (Sebastian Stan). But Kitsis assures us that Maleficent (Kristen Bauer van Straten) will be appearing in Storybrooke, “Kristen will definitely be back in a different form.” And trust us, the way she appears is super cool.

If you’ve missed Hot Sheriff—unfortunately he’s not rising from the dead despite our pleas. But don’t fret, Kitsis was clear: “Jamie Dornan is back and he’s more handsome than ever, so get ready. He is extra handsome on this one.” Huge sigh of relief and time to thank the TV gods for fantasy flashbacks.

It’s all fun and games until someone eats a poisoned apple. Once Upon a Time might be stuff of children’s stories but when Henry ate the poisoned pastry meant for his mom, we crossed over into high stakes. “One of the journeys this year for Emma is becoming a mother,” Kitsis explains. “Part of her journey is coming to terms with what it means to have this kid in her life and now facing the fact that she could lose him.” Wait, what? Could Henry actually die?

Henry’s death is certainly a possibility and it wouldn’t just be Emma in mourning. Kitsis explains, “This finale will test [Regina, played Lana Parrilla] unlike any other.” The world Regina’s created is unraveling and we’ve seen what she can be like when she thinks things are slipping out of her control.

We were curious if Regina could truly blame Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) for spilling the beans to her mother. We all saw her mother, super evil. “She blames herself for saving the girl, because if she didn’t, none of this would have happened,” Kitsis jokes. But maybe there is something deeper anger there. “Her mother did this to her, how does she feel about her mom? How does she feel about Cora?” He promises, “I would say that is definitely something we will see next season.”

The finale will play a huge role in changing the series for season two, but the goals for the showrunners remain the same. “We wanted to do something unique and surprising and keeps moving forward and I think that next season will be hopefully, unique and surprising and moving forward, but in a way that it doesn’t abandon what we loved about the first season,” Kitsis tells us. You can count on reimagining of classic stories, but also a deeper look at our favorite classic characters. We can’t wait.

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