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On the Apology to the Theater Community, Et Al--last Na Talaga, Pramis, So Help Me Gozh

By Gibbs22manila @gibbscadiz
Rafa Santos' second apology, this time directed at the theater community, is quite a stirring read (here). Independent of his now infamous words on TV, it holds hope that, much as he stumbled terribly on his use of language, he might also find some measure of redemption in it. The letter is, at the very least, well-written, expressive and clear (if a bit obsequious--understandable). I'd like to believe he wrote all of it, and that he was completely sincere in the writing of it, especially the lines I found most resonant: We are blessed to be able to work with you [directed at theater actors]. You are the life in our characters and the weight in our conflicts.
May this incident, indeed, lead to change in the working conditions, and new-found respect, for our theater artists.
Postscript: Sorry, can't help it--the dimmest, most muddled reaction to this issue I've read so far has got to be from former actor and now reportedly indie-film and events producer Carlo Maceda, whose statement quoted in can't be copy-pasted so I'm retyping it here verbatim, down to the wayward 'o' and apostrophe. Do read up to the last line:
He will be fine. A lot of people in the industry are like that and they became superstars. Maganda bawi nyan later, hero na hero ang plot. Pabugbog muna sa simula, tapos magcha-charity event na yan. Change of heart kuno kuno.
And then, if we buy it, instant success, just add water. Very good publicity work. Bonggang slant, twist and slide. And if we boycott the film, sayang naman yung work nung mga theater actors, as some claim they just want to be recognized. Sky Flakes na nga lang binayad di pa natin panonoorin?
But before we point fingers, who is really to blame? Is it the actors who allowed themselves to be treated that way? Is it really the director who just described his observation, tapos nagagalit lahat kasi the truth hurts?
Is it our forefathers who defined our nature as a race? Or is it the small budget that was given kaya everybody is getting a Sky Flake's share? Or let's just blame our parents kasi sometimes we loose our manners?...
Hindi sa I agree. It is funny. We got angry because sometimes we just can't handle the truth. MALALIM 'yung sinabi niya at matapang siya for putting it out. Looking beyond the obvious, we can find wisdom.
After all, it's for art's sake. And if you are reading this and you are still angry, have a Sky Flakes, you'll see it's not that bad at least hindi ka tataba.

Where to begin? Sky Flakes na nga lang binayad di pa natin panonoorin? Our forefathers [defining] our nature as a race? It's for art's sake? WTF. And LOL. Talk about piling crap on crap.
Further affiant sayeth naught.

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