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Okami Knife Sharpener, All in One Global Sharpening System, Best for Kitchen, Serrated, SOG Or Pocket Knives, Tools, Machete, Axe, Lawn Mower Blades, Chisel & Scissors, Ideal for Busy People

Posted on the 27 December 2016 by Tanglewood

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  • FOCUS ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU, Sharpening blades can be fun but is it really how you want to spend your precious time? The All in One Sharpener is so easy to use that in less than 10 minutes, the time it takes to set up most sharpening systems, it will get your whole kitchen or tool collection nice and sharp, leaving you with more time to actually do what you love; cook, tinker, hone your craft or connect with your friends and family.
  • A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED, With that in mind we designed our sharpener to be a one time investment: Designed to last , no rust, no wear, no maintenance, no electricity, no parts to replace, no expensive wet dry sand paper to buy. Don't throw your knives or tools away anymore, instead revive them safely with the All in One Sharpener. On top of that, our patented system ensures a minimal metal shaving. Time to get the best bang for your buck.
  • SHARPEN ANYTHING INCLUDING YOUR MIND, Our product sharpens EVERYTHING thanks to our unique self-adjusting sharpening mechanism: Knives, straight edged or serrated, scissors, tools: Chef's, Santoku, Paring, Fruit, Utility, Hunting, Pocket, Bread, Steak Knives, Sickles, Chisels, Planes, Axes, Lawn and Garden Tools, Nail Clippers, you name it. So take it all out and enjoy the process and the 10 minutes meditation like focus that comes with it.
  • SPREAD THE LOVE, When they see your new gadget, people will be impressed and excited, why not help them out or gift one to them? Your Dad likes to tinker in his garage? You can finally offer him something useful. Hunters, Carpenters, Lumberjacks, Single Moms, Geeks, Chefs, Dads, we can all use this affordable, simple yet efficient sharpener.
  • STAY ON THE CUTTING EDGE. The All in One Sharpener is a French product. French technology, design and utility patent by Sol.inge® This one of a kind tool is the best sharpener you can find when it comes to ease of use, value for money, versatility, efficiency and portability. You are making the right decision doing business with our company. We'll provide you with the finest product and service, or your money back! Add your All in One Sharpener to your cart with no risk and stay sharp.

"Discover how to stay the sharpest person in the room!" Yes,no more dull stuff in your house "This Sharpener can change your life" Easily and quickly sharpen all your knives and tools with one easy and fun to use product. Solinge's founder spent years working with Blacksmith's Chef's, Hunters, Survivalists, testing existing sharpeners and experimenting in his workshop to finally create his unique and game changing product:
A Sharpener combining many essential qualities to make it everybody's go-to tool: It is small, light, portable, convenient, easy to use, sturdy, affordable and sharpens everything!
By doing so it will also save you a lot of time, energy and money. Best Multi-Purpose Sharpening System on the Market The main innovation are the adjusting tungsten carbide sharpening plates that will automatically adapt to the blade you are trying to sharpen.
Expect the blades to retrieve their 'bite'. No more excuse to settle for dull knives or tools, get everything nice and sharp in minutes.
Kitchen Knives, Outdoor, Garden, Hunting, Fishing and Beauty Tools, Straight edge, Serrated, Micro-Serrated or Curved it doesn't matter. If it is Steel it can be sharpened. High Quality Manufacturing - 5 Tungsten Carbide Plates.
- The knife sharpener is for 6 to 36° blades. The scissors sharpener is for 36 to 86° blades. Everything that doesn't fit for a reason or another can be sharpened with the small handheld sharpener.
- The tungsten carbide used has an HRA of 93 making it virtually indestructible
- French Technology, Patented: 2 adjusting plates for the Knives, 1 for the scissors
- Plastic ABS full thickness 2cm
- Made in Thailand
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Our All In One Sharpener is Backed By Our 60 Day Replacement Guarantee Click the Button at the Top of this Page Now to Give your Steel a Second Life!

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  • Published: December 27, 2016
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