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Ok, It Sounds Like Physical Therapy and Nursing Will Be a Regular Part of Our Schedule

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3
Ok, it sounds like physical therapy and nursing will be a regular part of our schedule03-15-17 03 TOAM Entry for BlogWednesday 3-15-17 @ 9:23 pm
  • Good morning, but we're going to be here for just a couple of seconds.  We would like to jump in the shower and we'd planned 23 minutes ago.  We're fine, but feel like we're running behind.  Today the Home Health care HHC nurse will be here at 11 am, and because she's a nurse, we have to assume she's going to be early.  Walking back the time, that means we have to be ready by 10 am, which means we should have been in the shower by 9 am.  We still need to do some dusting in between things and all we want at this moment is to be at peace with my computer projects.  I know this HHC is going to be good for us, but right now it is just adding pressure to me being ready for something on time, which includes getting dressed and having the house presentable.  We're going to handle it right?  Saved by the bell.  Rich's schedule got bumped up an hour, so he had to jump in the shower first.  YAY!
  • WooHOO  Rich is still in the shower and we did the dusting in the living room!!!  Good to have over.  Have to think if there is anything else we have to do.  I suppose if anything, we would do a better job in our sewing room ... we picked up 1/3 of the counter space.  Hmm, we'll have to see.  We did the area around taking medicine and that's the important part.  Could be a little more mannerly ... we'll see ... it has to be an after the shower thing, because we need time to clear our minds.  You know computer stuff.  This is the first blog entry that we've written this week.  I think our trail of things that has been happening has been taking care of itself.  Maybe we'll do a brief list here.  We last left off on Friday March 10th.
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    • 03-15-17 01 Ann the nurse to be coming at 11 am for diabetes educaton
    • 03-15-17 02 Mark the PT Person will be coming in at 2:30 pm

  • WOW!  That Really cuts to the chase.  If I read these slower, it will really tell the casual viewer where we're at PLUS I believe those are live links so it would take the reader to the location of the document listed.  Before we get any further into that, we better take our shower.
  • 10:43 am ok, we're back again ... we're within 15 minutes - so we have time to sit for a few moments.  The house is good enough though we didn't get to the sewing room.  AND, Rich put the door bell back on by the driveway door so we should be covered no matter which side she tries to enter.  I hope things go ok.  I saw that Linda wrote back.  One of her best friends BIL died last night in a surprise heart attack so they are going through things there, and Linda has her grandson Griffin at the house because he is sick.  He's been taken for medical care, and they gave him some medicine, but he's still running a low-grade fever.  That's all on the news from that end.  Linda seems to be holding up.  I think she has like 4 days in a row of babysitting, which I think is wonderful for her to do, but would be very difficult.  It's a lot of break in the schedule.  She hasn't complained though.
  • 10:17 pm time for a picture??  See above :)
  • We just stopped at Facebook to see what was happening over there.  AND, we found Cathy had posted a few pictures including this one of her and Thom.  Ok, Mama misses her son AND DIL.  That's all we're going to say there ... need to move on ... whimpering.
  • Ok, that will distract a person.  Somehow we got an introduction screen to a feature of Evernote that we weren't aware of.  It has a "Presentation" feature.  Oh my that was fun ... we scrolled through some directions - like everything else Evernote does ... very minimalistic.  It had a nice feature for highlighting, and another feature to switch screens and light and dark mode to change from black to white backgrounds and such.  I could see myself using it to show Rich or my health care people something.  Hey forgot about them ... We originally came back to the computer because Rich's show got real shoot them up and load - and after the GOOD guy chopped a hand from a bad guy it was no fun.  This should be on the same page with Cathy *frowning face* But, anyway, we had enough of that and came over to the computer with the ear phones and the piano guys.  It's very good stuff and slightly loud and ambitious for this time of night.  Since we've started Rich's show finished, so he' in the sitting room with his audio book from the library.  I felt like WOW!  Late night!  We did take a nap when Rich went to the store for my medicine and a few things for his mom.
  • But, we better cover a few things before Rich comes in and says time to go to bed.  GRUMP!  Mostly we wanted to say that the visit with the home health care people went pretty good.  After Rich got home and shared about his day, then he went to mine knowing we had stuff that was happening.  SOOO, we already told most the story, hmm... I think we took general notes, let me get them.

@ 11 am - We saw Ann the nurse.  She was prompt and very helpful.  She was straightforward, didn't do much with the dog, or our side stories.  Eh.  She's busy.  She asked a lot of good questions and a good amount of information was transferred both ways.  In the end she has given us for 8-9 weeks nursing services for diabetes education 2 times a week.  She stated that another nurse will call and that she just registered people.
@1:30 pm - Mark the PT Person. He got to the house an hour early and didn't call ahead; it was convenient for his schedule.  We asked him next time to call, but we don't think that information stuck.  He did ask for a half hour window before and after the appointment, which was fine.  He was very likable and business orientated.  He was friendly and authoritative to the dog.  He has three golden retrievers  :)  We talked, and then he had me show him how we got up on the bed, and THEN he tricked us into doing a few exercises.  He said the real work will start next week.  He is due to return Monday, 3-20-17 @ 2 pm.  He wants to come out before the MRI which is scheduled at 5 pm.  
  • That's the regular part of what happened.  There were more feelings and thoughts that went with it, but this is the bare minimum.  I enjoyed having them here, but it was some work getting mentally and physically ready for them.  Mostly, I might go to my grave being a pajama person.  It's harder for me to shower, dress and keep everything picked up AND dusted.  Some of my rooms didn't get picked up ... Mark didn't see the back part of the house, but Ann was back in my sewing room because of the medicine.  I will try to pick it up the next time and get the beds made in the guest room - have to do that soon.  Rich said his daughter will be coming in very late on Friday night.  I think he picks her up like 8:20 pm or something at Midway I believe so he's still got an hour and a half to get home.  *sigh*  I MIGHT be in bed, OR it might be another late night playdate!  Hehe.  But, back to the Home Health Care (HHC) people they worked out fine and gave me a chance to gab and gab about myself ... ok, they were tighter than too much, but I do like giving my best impression.  Just don't like the part where there are so many things wrong with me, but one will work with diabetes and well-health and the other will work with our arthritis and well-health.  I'm not sure I liked the part of Mark suggesting that we could even go outside to walk instead of use the treadmill.  We explained our desire not to get out there and hurt so much not to want to go out there even with the walker.  I guess we didn't have to say, we don't leave the house much except a few places like Dr. Marvin and the quilting.  *sigh*
  • Ok, that's about it of that for the time being.  Like we said, we got a nap between them being here and we had a nap after Rich left.

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