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Oh Come On, Funny but Interesting Pictures of Rodents.

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

Most of us conjure up images in our minds when someone mentions rats, but after seeing these pictures how can you think bad of rodents any longer? “16 Ridiculously photogenic rodents.

My favorite picture is #4, just goes to show you that everything feels safer with a stuffed play toy.

OK back to serious stuff, these pictures are from pets not true wildlife. So how can you keep rodents from getting into your home?

  1. Home -seal
  2. Check and repair screens
  3. Check and repair weep screens
  4. Check door for tight seals, replace seal and also check door sweeps
  5. Seal all holes, especially around pipes going into the home
  6. Don’t accumulate trash around your home
  7. Keep trees trimmed and away from your home

Circle diagram1

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