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Office Politics and Girl Scout Cookies

Posted on the 27 January 2014 by Mdelp


office politics and girl scout cookies

I believe there is nothing as simple yet as complex as selling girl-scout cookies in the office.

If you are a manager and you ask your staff if they want to buy some are being a bully? If you buy from a manager but not from a fellow staff member are you a kiss-ass? What happens to office dynamics if you buy from co-worker “girl-scout parent A” but not from co-worker “girl-scout parent B”? If you say no to everybody, how big of a jerk will you be viewed as?

Here are nine ways (both good and bad) I’ve seen girl-scout cookies sold in the office:

The Good

  1. The Santa Claus. Usually a supervisor or manager. They ask everybody in the office what they want and then they buy them exactly what they want as gifts.  
  2. The Provider of Snacks. Also usually a supervisor or manager. They buy a variety of boxes then open them up for everybody in the office to have as snacks.
  3. The Charity Case. They buy from one or several people in the office then give the boxes to a local charity.
  4. The Pleaser. Buys exactly the same amount of boxes from everybody who asks so as not to offend anybody.

The Bad

  1. The Wait at Your Desk Until You Choose. You know who you are. You stand by my desk with the order form and refuse to leave until I buy something from you. If my stapler was stronger I’d shoot staples at you to shoo you away.
  2. The Stalker. As the order form deadline approaches, you’ll see them check off their list of who hasn’t bought anything yet and then they start stalking them one by one.
  3. The Rememberer. Hey Joe, remember when I helped you find the printer toner ten years ago…
  4. The Dieter. They politely say no to everybody because they are on a diet, yet their diet seems to start and stop with girl-scout cookie season.

The Worst

  1.  The Flake. They happily order several boxes of cookies yet never remember to bring the money into the office to pay you.

What office girl-scout cookie experiences have you had?

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