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October Song 10: "Love Song in 2020" by James Barrett

By Ventipop @ventipop

James Barrettnew single " Love Song in 2020 " is the second single from his as yet untitled second album. But Barrett says he felt it necessary to release the song now. "I felt like this was the song I wanted to get out," Barrett said. "I felt like now is the good time."

The song sees Barrett grappling with how to deal with personal tragedy that takes place against the backdrop of a world in chaos. "I wrote it in the beginning of the year," Barrett said in a phone interview last week. "It's about trying to find forgiveness at the end of the world. It deals with a relationship not working out and the world falling apart and trying to find something positive."

"I'm so scared of hospitals and ICUs/ and an abundance of constant bad news on the networks," Barrett sings, with emotion clear in his voice, before coupling the pandemic with the personal tragedy in the next lines. "Now I'm scared that you will get sick, too./ In the event you do, I love you, and I'll forgive you,/ for the hell you forced me through."

"I kinda feel like everybody has personal stuff going on, on top of everything going on in the world," he said over the phone. "When there's no hope elsewhere, you're like, 'Oh my God ...' It's a frightening feeling."

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