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Obese Black Woman Trashes Store After Her EBT Card Was Denied

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

A very large black woman loses it after a convenience store denied her EBT card.

woman had EBT card denied
Watch her scream and yell as she sweeps merchandise off the shelves and throw food around.

Finally, three men strong-armed her and threw her out of the store.

EBT card or Electronic Benefits Transfer card is a personal debit card used by food stamp recipients to purchase authorized items like food and basic necessities.

Although EBT cards are supposed to be used only to buy food, I’ve seen thrift (clothing) stores that accept EBT cards. Even worse, EBT cards have been used for marijuana, gambling, strip clubs, and sex toys. See:

H/t TruNews and FOTM‘s Hadenoughalready.


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