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Obama Wants To Increase U.S. Participation In Iraq/Syria

Posted on the 13 February 2015 by Jobsanger
Obama Wants To Increase U.S. Participation In Iraq/Syria
I don't know about you, but I find this very troubling. President Obama asked Congress on Wednesday to formally authorize the use of American military power in the war against ISIS (which is holding territory in both Iraq and Syria). He did try to allay fears by saying:
"I am convinced that the U.S. should not get back into another ground war in the Middle East -- it's not in our national security interest and not necessary for us to defeat ISIL."
But as much as I like and admire President Obama, that sounds like doublespeak to me. The authorization would include the right to send in special forces troops of the United States to take action against ISIS leaders, and to use "ground combat operations in limited circumstances". This brings up questions.
What are limited circumstances? Aren't special forces troops combat troops on the ground? How long could those special forces or other combat troops stay? What would happen if they met fierce resistance, or some of them are killed? Would more troops be sent?
Frankly, this sounds to me to be an opening gambit designed to increase the participation of this country in the religious war going on in Iraq and Syria -- a move that is destined to have this country fully involved in another war in the Mideast. And that would be a serious mistake.
That war has nothing to do with the national defense of this country. We are engaged in this conflict to help protect other countries in that area -- and many of them are not even our friends (including both Iraq and Syria). This is a conflict that must be fought by the nations in that region. I can understand providing them with the necessary weapons, and maybe even giving them air support -- but we are already do both of those things.
This new authorization requested by the president is unnecessary, and nothing good can come from it. Congress will probably approve it, but they shouldn't. It will just lead us further down the road to a new ground war.
Obama Wants To Increase U.S. Participation In Iraq/Syria

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