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Obama Rolls the Dice on the Lives of Your Children

Posted on the 14 July 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
charlie brownAccording to Israel National News (Arutz Sheva), these are the key provisions:
Iran will reduce its uranium enrichment capacity by two-thirds. This will involve stopping the use of its underground facility at Fordow for enriching uranium.
Iran’s stockpile of low enriched uranium will be reduced by 95%, to 300 kg. This will be done either by diluting the enriched uranium or shipping it out of the country.
The core of the heavy water reactor in Arak will be removed, and it will be redesigned so that it will not produce significant amounts of plutonium.
Iran will allow UN inspectors to enter sites, including military sites, when the inspectors have grounds to believe undeclared nuclear activity is being carried out there. It can object but a multinational commission can override any objections by majority vote. After that, Iran will have three days to comply. Inspectors will only come from countries with diplomatic relations with Iran – therefore, they will not include Americans.
Once the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has verified that Iran has taken steps to scale back its program, UN, US and EU sanctions on Iran will be lifted.
Restrictions on trade in conventional weapons will last another five years.
Restrictions on trade in ballistic missile technology will last another eight years.
If there are allegations that Iran has not met its obligations, a joint commission will seek to resolve the dispute. If that effort is not successful within 30 days, the matter would be referred to the UN Security Council, which would vote on continuing sanctions relief. A veto by a permanent member would mean that sanctions are reimposed. The whole process would take 65 days.
Israelis, and most particularly the Netanyahu government, do not seem happy with the deal.
Marissa Newsman, writing in the Times of Israel, tell us:
“The prime minister emphasized that the deal raises two main dangers: It will allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons — if it keeps to the deal, at the end of the 10-15 years, if it breaks it, before then,” a statement from Netanyahu’s office said.
“It addition, it will pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the Iranian terror and war machine which threatens Israel and the entire world,” the statement quoted Netanyahu as telling Obama.
What we are looking at here, in my humble opinion, is a matter of kicking the can down the road and in the mean time Iran will reap considerable financial benefits which, as Netanyahu reminded Barack Obama, will be used for the noble purpose of committing violence against the Jewish minority in the Middle East.
The US administration seems rather smug about finally getting the deal and Iran is enjoying rubbing it in Israel's face, however it is not as if the Sunni Arab states are happy with this, either.  What we will now see in the Middle East, due to Barack Obama's apparent need to partner with Islamist forces such as Iran - not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood - is a nuclear arms race with Saudi Arabia and Egypt taking the lead in order to counter Obama's Iranian nuclear weapons.
What we will also see is the ongoing deterioration of American influence throughout the region because no one, aside from the Iranians, now see the United States as a trustworthy tactical partner.
Earlier, Netanyahu slammed the world powers’ nuclear deal with Iran as a “stunning historic mistake,” while maintaining that Israel was under no obligation to adhere to it.
“Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran because Iran continues to seek our destruction. We will always defend ourselves,” Netanyahu told foreign media reporters in Jerusalem.
I do not see how any Israeli government has any choice but to oppose this deal because it means that Iran is going, in relatively short order, to gain nuclear weapons.
The real question, to my mind, is what, if anything, Israel intends to do about it?  Israel took out the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, but this is not 1981 and Iran is not Iraq.  I doubt if Israel, by itself, has the capacity to take out Iranian nuclear facilities.  US military "bunker busters" may be necessary, but there is no way that the hostile president of the United States is going to provide Israel with the means to do the job.
The Obama administration will yammer to Americans and to the international community that this is a great day for the world and a great day for the United States.
Critics of the administration will claim that it is highly naive and, thereby, a danger to people throughout the world.
Richard Nephew, a former top sanctions advisor in the negotiations, said:
“This was the first time that a country that was breaking all the rules was made to change."
“It will show you can bring a country in from the cold.”
Barack Obama must be the most blasé American president that I have ever seen.
His primary legacy will be an Islamist bomb and the destruction of the Oslo "peace process."
{Perhaps we can be thankful for the latter.}
Essentially the Obama administration is gambling on the good-will of the Ayatollahs, the very people that continually screech for "Death to America!"
Perhaps Obama's roll of the dice will hit Lucky 7, but I would not bet on that, either.

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