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Obama: “If You Misrepresent What’s in ObamaCare, We Will Call You Out!”

Posted on the 07 November 2013 by Adask

Back in A.D. 2009, President Obama addressed Congress to advocate passage of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”).  During that speech, President Obama addressed some of the “key controversies” raised in opposition to ObamaCare.

Among those controversies were “bogus claims” that Obamacare would:

1. “set up panels of bureaucrats to kill off senior citizens.”

2.  “insure illegal immigrants.”

3.  “fund abortions.”

Obama looked Congress and the American people in the eye and dismissed each of those claims as lies.  Today, however, it appears that all of those claims were true.

During that speech, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted, “You lie!” at President Obama and caused a minor scandal. The moment immediately after Wilson shouted “You lie!” is seen in the video below.  Vice President Biden looks stern.  Nancy Pelosi looks shocked.  President Obama just smirks as if to say “So what?  Whatcha gonna do about it?”

President Obama dismissed the allegation that he lied as “untrue” and closed his speech with a warning that, “If you misrepresent what’s in this plan, we will call you out.

In other words, if anyone lies about the contents of ObamaCare, President Obama—that bastion of truthfulness and personal integrity—and his administration would publicly expose the lie and the liar.

Here’s a short video (00:02:29) of excerpts of that A.D. 2009 speech by President Obama (again, note the facial expressions after Representative Wilson said “You lie!”):


•  OK—here we are, four years later, and The Washington Times recently published an article entitled, “Was Rep. Joe Wilson right? Proof Obama made health care promise 23 times”.

That article’s headline referred to: 1) Representative Wilson’s A.D. 2009 claim that Obama was lying about ObamaCare; and, 2) a pair of recent videos that catalogued 23 (or more) instances over four years in which President Obama promised publicly that ObamaCare would absolutely, positively not cause Americans to give up their existing health insurance policies—“Period.”

I’m not sure that this next 00:01:45 video is one of the two referenced in The Washington Times article, but it’s at least a similar catalog of Obama’s promises about ObamaCare:

President Obama has repeatedly promised over the past four years that ObamaCare would allow Americans to keep their existing health insurance plans.  We now know that those promises were all false.

Based on President Obama’s false promises (lies) about ObamaCare, he is currently being “called out” by the Internet videos for his lies, much like he formerly promised in A.D. 2009 to “call out” anyone else who misrepresented ObamaCare.

How delightful.  How classically “political”.   It’s always inspiring to see a politician hung by his own words.

As a result of the videos listing his false promises, President Obama is caught between a rock (his repeated promises that we could keep our existing health care policies) and a hard place (the fact that millions have already received notices of health insurance cancellations).

Nevertheless, if this predicament troubles Obama’s staff, it doesn’t seem to bother Obama, himself.  Big deal.  He’s a proven liar.  So what?

According to The Washington Times:

“With millions of Americans losing their health insurance, critics hammered Mr. Obama and his advisers for the second straight week about his unequivocal pledge over the past four years that Obamacare wouldn’t force people to change their coverage or their doctors.

“Even as late as Sept. 26 [A.D. 2013]—just days before the launch of the [Obamacare] website, years after the law was passed and after the enabling regulations written—Mr. Obama told an audience in Maryland, ‘The first thing you need to know is this: If you already have health care, you don’t have to do anything.’ He even emphasized that this was true regardless of whether Americans had insurance ‘through their job, or through Medicare or through the individual market.’

“On Monday night, Mr. Obama tried to revise history by saying he was telling people all along that they could keep their plans “if” the insurance companies hadn’t made any changes.

“That version crumbled quickly in the face of web videos showing a montage of Mr. Obama’s no-strings promises that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” In one 90-second video, Mr. Obama recites this ironclad promise 23 times. In another, he makes the pledge 29 times.

[However,] “With President Obama’s approval ratings plummeting, White House aides labored Tuesday to explain his broken promises about Obamacare in the face of videos showing the president repeatedly stating untruths about the law.”

See, President Obama wasn’t actually lying  . . . he was just “stating untruths”.  I guess that makes it OK, hmm?

“Rather than admit Mr. Obama was wrong [not lying, merely “wrong”] when he told consumers regularly and emphatically that everyone could keep their health insurance, White House officials gave their third variation in a week about what the president really meant to say.”


These three “variations” aren’t evidence of even more lying now to cover or justify President Obama’s previous lying . . . they’re merely new-and-improved “explanations” of the truths President Obama really meant to say, in the 23 instances when he “stated untruths” to the public about Obamacare . . . see?

“This time [the third “variation in a week”], they said the president was giving the public “a statement about the overall promise” of the law.


Thus, even though the ObamaCare law requires virtually all Americans to give up their existing health insurance, the “overall promise of Obamacare” is that we’ll all be able to keep our existing health insurance.  This “overall promise” isn’t a lie, y’see, . . . it’s, um, ahh, . . . just an “untruth”.   See?

What’s this really tell us?

It tells us that the “overall promise” of ObamaCare is a lie. In other words, it’s not just the specific promise that you could keep your existing insurance that’s a lie.  It’s not the promises about death panels, funding illegal aliens and abortions that are lies.   It’s the “overall promise” of ObamaCare that’s a lie.

What is the “overall promise”?  It’s the fundamental purpose of ObamaCare.

Thus, we can reasonably expect to discover that there are a lot more lies buried in ObamaCare.  For example, will ObamaCare really be “affordable”?  Will it provide a higher quality of health care for most Americans?  Will it extend our life expectancies?  No.  No.  And, uh, No.

If ObamaCare is chock-full of lies, we can reasonably wonder what, exactly, is ObamaCare’s real purpose?  If it won’t give us better, less expensive health care—what can we really expect?  Is the “overall promise,” the real purpose of ObamaCare merely to subject us to more government regulation?  Less freedom?  A shortened life expectancy?  Is the true purpose of ObamaCare to enrich this nation?  Or to destroy it?

According to The Washington Times, when asked about Obama’s lies in support of Obamacare,

“A flustered White House press secretary Jay Carney said, ‘Communications are challenging here.’”


Indeed.  The problem isn’t the President’s propensity to lie, it’s the challenge of “communications”.

See, in the internet age, communications are particularly “challenging” because the mainstream media is no longer able to control the flow of information.  As a result, the internet can expose government’s false promises and “statements of untruth” just as fast as our politicians can “state” them.

So, actually, it’s not “communications” that are “challenging”—it’s government’s capacity to get away with telling lies that’s challenging.

Life ain’t easy for politicians in the internet age.

But.  If you’re a real psychopath and untroubled by lying or even by being caught in your lies, you could have a big future as a Democrat or Republican elected official.

“As insurers continued to send cancellation notices in response to Obamacare, the president’s chief of staff summoned top insurance executives to the White House and urged them to improve their ‘education efforts’ aimed at the millions of people who are losing coverage.”


We’re talkin’ about “education” here—not more lies; not propaganda.

These idiot “top insurance executives” are so darn dumb that they just don’t know how to “sell” unpleasant ideas to an unwitting public.  Therefore, the Obama administration is trying to show them how to deceive with style and grace.

See, Americans need to be “educated” (or “edumacated” as President Bush used to say) to understand that when President Obama repeatedly promised over four years that we’d absolutely be free to keep our existing health insurance plans, he wasn’t actually lying—see?  He was just  . . . well . . . “stating untruths”.

See the difference?

President Obama wasn’t lying when he said that, under Obamacare, you could keep your existing health care insurance.  Maybe he just didn’t know what he was talking about.

And how could he?  See, it’s unreasonable to think that, even though ObamaCare is President Obama’s “signature legislation,” that President Obama would actually know what was written in that law.  Congress that didn’t read Obamacare before they voted for it, so why should President Obama have actually read Obamacare before he promised 23 times that you could absolutely, positively keep your existing health insurance.  Period.  Nobody reads the bills they pass in Washington, so how’s Obama supposed to know what ObamaCare really says?

Therefore, it’s important we keep confidence in our President because, when he makes a promise, he really believes it might be true—even if his belief is based on gross ignorance or he knows damn well that it’s an “untruth”.

President Nixon once said “If the President does it, that means it’s legal.” Anything the President does is legal—even if it’s not.  President Nixon was special.  He was entitled by his office to commit crimes and have them excused as legal acts.

President Obama apparently operates under a similar principle:  “If the President says it, that means it’s true.”  Anything President Obama says is true—even if it’s a lie.  Obama is entitled by his office to tell all the lies he wants and still have those lies accepted as “statements of truth”.

Just as President Nixon once explained to Americans that “Your President is not a crook,” President Obama is “educating” Americans to understand that “Your President is not a pathological liar—he’s merely a habitual “untruth teller” based on his need to achieve a particular result.  The end justifies the lie.

Therefore, Americans can have confidence that their President is absolutely not a liar because he “intends” to tell the truth, even when he doesn’t know what the truth is . . . . See?  He’s lying to achieve a beneficial result.  Better living through lying.

Truth in the White House is like New Math.  It’s not important that you get the right answer (or tell the truth).  It’s only important that you feel good about yourself.


“The move reflected in part the administration’s stance that insurance companies aren’t cooperating enough to smooth the transition to Obamacare.”


Yes!  Yes!  That’s it!

It’s not the President’s fault that he lied about Obamacare.  There’s no reason why Obama should feel ashamed by his lies!

It’s the damn insurance companies’ fault for not “cooperating enough” to “smooth the transition” to Obamacare!

So, don’t dis Obama for losing your existing insurance–blame the insurance companies!  They’re the real villains, see?

In fact, now that I think about it, it must be the insurance companies’ fault that poor President Obama hasn’t yet been able to invade Syria or bomb Iran.   Yeah . . .  yeah . . . and . . . and . . . it’s the insurance companies that are really responsible for Benghazi, and Libya, and the economy and the rising national debt!

Yes!  President Obama is not a pathological liar!  He’s a victim of the evil insurance companies!  He’s been framed!  Framed, I tell you—by the dastardly insurance companies!


“On Capitol Hill, even one of the Senate’s most liberal Democrats expressed concern that Obamacare and its error-prone website are crumbling under a lack of public confidence.

“‘I believe there has been a crisis of confidence created in the dysfunctional nature of the website, cancellation of policies and sticker shock for some people,’ Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, Maryland Democrat and an ardent supporter of the law . . . .

“Some Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation to make Mr. Obama’s broken promise a reality by allowing Americans to keep their health insurance plans. The White House on Tuesday wouldn’t commit to the proposal.”


That last paragraph, I think, illustrates the truth about Obamacare, President Obama and his 23 false public promises.

Even if Obama has the opportunity to help pass new legislation that would make his former promises true—he is at least reluctant to take advantage of that opportunity.  We shall see, but he probably won’t take that opportunity.

So, there’s no misunderstanding.  There’s no “statement of untruths”.  Obama lied—openly, brazenly, intentionally, publicly lied—to the American people.  Not once, but at least 23 times on a single subject.  Given the opportunity to correct his lies and make his promises true, he won’t “commit” to do so.  Instead, he and his staff will try to weave even more lies to cloak his original lies.

President Obama’s refusal to make his promise true is doubly chilling.

First, it’s evidence that Obama sees no obligation to tell the truth to the American people.  You can tell one lie and later claim it was a mistake.  You can’t tell the same lie 23 times and still claim it was a mistake.  That repeated lie must be intentional.

Second, President Obama sees no obligation to tell the truth in order to maintain his own sense of personal integrity or even to maintain public confidence in his administration.

Obama not only doesn’t mind lying.  He is so arrogant that he doesn’t mind being seen as an habitual liar.   I find that shocking.  The man has no shame.  Does it follow that he has a conscience?

Just as public confidence is required to retain the illusion of value in the intrinsically worthless fiat dollar, public confidence is essential to supporting Obamacare and even President Obama’s administration.  Those of you who retain confidence in the illusion of President Obama’s integrity are welcome to it.

But those of you who face the truth, those of you who desire to find the truth, should recognize that President Obama is a shameless and therefore pathological liar who can be expected to lie again on a regular basis.

Should we believe anything that Obama says?

I don’t think so.

Should we regard any man who lies repeatedly, openly and shamelessly as a “good” man?

I don’t think so.

Should we be deeply concerned that a pathological liar occupies the office of President?




P.S.  Here’s one last two-minute video to illustrate that even the rich and famous might not be too pleased with Obamacare.  Will ObamaCare cover plastic surgery and breast implants? Can ObamaCare survive Hollywood ridicule?  Ask President Obama.  He’ll tell you.

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