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Obama Administration Offers Missile Defense Concessions to China...

Posted on the 14 April 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

... this in the hope of gaining China's help with the North Korean situation:

In a news conference after meetings with China’s top leaders, [Secretary of State John] Kerry said the KerryOffersConcessionsUnited States would reduce its missile defenses in Asia if North Korea abandoned its nuclear weapons program.

Kerry’s overture appeared aimed at addressing Chinese concerns that North Korea’s provocative actions were leading the United States to build up military strength in the region as China is boosting its own influence there.

‘‘On missile defense, we discussed absolutely why we have taken the steps that we have taken,’’ Kerry said, referring to efforts the United States is taking to defend Guam, Hawaii, and the United States’ allies in Asia against a potential North Korean missile attack. The United States has dispatched two ships capable of missile defense and said it would speed up land-based missile defenses for Guam.

‘‘Now obviously if the threat disappears — i.e. North Korea denuclearizes — the same imperative does not exist at that point of time for us to have that kind of robust forward leaning posture of defense,’’ he added. ‘‘It would be our hope in the long run, or better yet in short run, that we can address that.’’


China remains a linchpin to the Obama administration’s policy of holding a tough line on Pyongyang, a reversal from the past. Previous administrations used aid to mollify the North and gain concessions on its nuclear program, only to see the North’s promises evaporate once the aid had been delivered.

Kerry said the Chinese shared the US goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, although he declined to say what steps China said it would take to accomplish it.

Even if China were to take a harsher stance, North Korea might not fall into line. Under the new leader, Kim Jong Un, the North has snubbed China several times, including refusing Chinese entreaties to cancel its recent nuclear test that set off tensions on the Peninsula.

Kerry’s remarks are likely to stir concern among staunch advocates of missile defense in the United States, who also see antimissile systems as a means of responding to China’s growing military might.

It's not just Kerry's remarks in this instance but Obama's past showing of weakness that ought to stir concern from coast to coast and across this fruited plain.

Instead, it's likely not to garner any attention at all as too many Americans are more focused on American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and what the Kardashians are wearing.

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