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O'Reilly's Great Marijuana Ruse, and His Very Own Conflicting Polls

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
Oh no!! say it isn't so, Mr. Bill!! You lost in your very own Poll? "Should Marijuana be Legalized for Recreational Use"...89% out of 68,930 responses said; Yes!!
His first accusation will undoubtedly be the official Republican excuse...ah!!... I mean, response: "It's possible our Poll got 'hijacked' by the Dems"... a la Thad Cochran. Sure it's possible...but more like "Highly Improbable". Democrats tend not to check O'Reilly's website, too much...if they want to hear him, they'll just listen to him blab on FOX...95% of his Internet base, are his fanatic followers.
Bill O'Reilly is not a stupid man, he knows how to speak, manipulate, and convince his Conservative agreeing to his positions. 89% pro-weed? Must have been a shock, to his 'know it all' ego. He's now learning...I hope...the Republican Party's ignorant self-denial, that even Republicans smoke pot!!...whether publicly, privately, or in a certain the 'closet'.  It pretty much throws "The Great Marijuana Ruse", he highly exalts...down the crapper!
Bill O'Reilly took a poll on legalizing weed. You'll never guess what happened next. - The Week

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