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Nyx Eyeshadow Palette for Your Eyes Only "mysterious Brown Eyes" Lotd

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04
 Hey Everyone!
Beauty experts all over believe that Brown Eyes are the most flattering. Women blessed with brown eyes can rock all colors of eye-shadows . They have a free reign when it comes to choosing the colors.
 Well, I dont have brown eyes but I loved the colors that came in this palette that I am going to be review today.
Its priced at around $9.99 USD. Though I believe this range of eye-shadow palette is now discontinued.
This palette comes with 10 eye-shadows and it has a big sized mirror inside, which comes in handy to do the makeup, and the lid snap shuts securely so its travel friendly.
 Please excuse the tardy picture, I have had this palette for a while now, so its all weared down.

As far as the quality goes I have always been impressed with NYX eye shadows. All the shades in this palette are very soft and creamy to touch. The texture is very smooth and they are all well pigmented. They are not chalky. The swatches are all done without any base or primer underneath.

The palette some interesting selection of colors which helps create a lot many looks, right from neutrals  to warm and bronze looks to colorful green and purple to the bold gold. The choices are limitless.
I quiet enjoy this palette.

 However I do have one complaint with only one eye-shadow. It would be the yellow gold eye shadow, I always have a tough time getting that eye shadow glide on my lids effortlessly, I have to be careful as to not pack much product and also to smooth it out properly on the lids.
Not much of a hassle but still not very effortless either. Overall I like this palette and all the colors are complimentary to the Indian Skin Tone.
I have created this LOTD using the deeper browns and gold eye-shadow from this palette. I will soon do a colorful look with this palette.

 I have on Candy Apple from Revlon Lip Butter range on my lips.
Here is a closer look at the eye makeup.

Hope you all like this one.

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