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Numerous Mitzvos Like the Seeds of a Seedless Pomegranate

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Israeli agricultural technology is revolutionary, and we find them creating new strains of vegetables and adjusting the details of existing vegetables all the time.
numerous mitzvos like the seeds of a seedless pomegranateThe latest is a "seedless" pomegranate that is both sweeter and more pleasurable to eat.
It is not really seedless, unless you believe the headlines in both NRG and the Jewish Press, but the seeds have been altered and are softer and more edible.
If the headlines were accurate, would you eat them on Rosh Hashana as a siman for a year filled with mitzvos "like the seeds of the pomegranate"? There might become a "hiddur" to find the old fashioned pomegranate. Thankfully these pomegranates have seeds, but they are softer. Problem averted.  
I wonder if they will even sell them locally or just export them all for sale abroad.
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